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  1. People shift from providing email addresses to using forms (for contact) in order to avoid spam bots. But there are some new spam bots today which can detect email address even through forms present on a website. Any solution to prevent this? generally the form action is as follows <form action="xyz@xyz.com"> Any other way this can be written to prevent it from being detected by spam bots? Edit (TCH-MikeJ): Links to sites not relevent to post and not hosted by TCH removed. If you want a sig, make one in your forum control panel.
  2. The sad part about search engines is that they cannot read images or text written on images. But they can pick up alter texts. What you can do is develop seperate pages that have valid content related (also keyword rich) to your website, like faq's, articles etc and give links to the frontpage from those pages. These pages are sure to rank well in search engines. Although don't do too much of these pages. These pages are also called doorway pages; but they won't be penelized until they provide valid information and are in moderate propotions.
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