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  1. Sorry folks... I have always been very impressed with TCH and all the effort that is put into keeping things running smoothly. I know "just enough" about certain things to keep getting myself in trouble. By that, I mean that, I somehow thought it might be a program that each person could have on his/her site which would prevent the spoofing. Had I known that it had to have been done by TCH, I wouldn't have written. I have all reason to believe, that with all the trouble that spam and spoofing must be causing, if there was any feasible way to have something done, it would have alrea
  2. Well, I was frustrated by spam, so with a little help from this forum and a few of the members and moderators, I found out how to determine where email was originated from. Especially from emails which spoofed the emails to appear as if they came from us. Well...I wrote the Hosting company which hosted a "block" of addresses and have, since, received VOLUMES of spoofed spam. What is one to think??? Anyway, I came across a "solution?" that is offered by microsoft and I wonder if it will work and in what ways? I "think" I understand it, but I am sure one of you can better deter
  3. Hello Thomas, I "thought" that was what I needed to check, but when I tried to trace it yesterday, it always timed out before it located the server. But today I tried it and it gave me this message... I kind of thought it wouldn't do much good to look it up. Oh well. Thanks for everyone's help! As always, TCH forums and Tech support are all "top notch"!! Rock Sign Terry
  4. Thanks Rob, This, which I already included, is the header for that email. Almost all of the are the same. I guess it's like you and Jim say... not much I can do right now. And, banning most of the headers that these are returned to us for, would never let us know about some of the monthly newsletters that are returned as "undeliverable" or whatever. So, again... thanks very much for your help. You too Jim. Terry.. Rock Sign but Mail spoofing...
  5. Hello Rob, Thanks for the quick response. I wish you had better news for me and others. SO...based on what I have been reading in the forums and what you just told me, there really isn't anything one can do about it at this time, is there? Wonder if you can help me figure out how to tell where an email originated from, by reading the following info... This way I will know what to look for and will try to trace the origin. Either way, thanks again for your help. Terry Ohhhhh, by the way.... Rock Sign
  6. I have been receiving "returned" emails which attempted to distribute viruses for the last 6-9 months that "show" that the email was originated by one of our domain's email addresses. In the last week or two, I am getting about 20-40 a day. I came across a website that (I think) claims they have found a way for administrators to stop that. I wonder if someone who knows what they are doing, would mind checking out this site and letting me know if this would work and how it would have to be done. Here is the site URL. http://spf.pobox.com/ I sure would appreciate it. I, like s
  7. 1. URL: http://WowHoney.com/ 2. Site Name: WowHoney.com 3. Brief Description: Shopping and information page, with "interesting and 'hard to find' links. 4. The link back to tch has been added to every page, on the bottom. Thanks very much, Terry WowHoney.com Rock Sign
  8. Hi, Please add a link to my site on your "commercial sites extended family" page. http://Decorativeartsbyjep.com Title: Home Decorating via the internet? You Betcha! Description: Accessories, home decorating newsletter, articles, new products, it's all here! The link to your site has been up since I joined in the Miscellaneous category on this page... http://Decorativeartsbyjep.com/Link-Page.html Oh, by the way, sure would appreciate any feedback or advice from anyone. Thanks very much, Terry webmaster@Decorativeartsbyjep.com
  9. Thanks Andy, I am working on it now. I'm not a "pro" at php, but I think I'll get it. It looks like a great script. Appreciate the help. Terry
  10. Hello Nicholas, Since we have removed the bad script from my folder, I now have to find one which would replace the one I had so that people can sign up for our newsletter. I have gotten rather paranoid. Is there a php script that you know would not be able to be "compromised" that I could use? Thanks for any help. Terry Decorativeartsbyjep.com
  11. Hello Nicholas, Rock Sign Thanks loads, for putting this up so we can learn from it. As you know, this happened to me and my site was shut down immediately. Thanks to Bill Kish, and others, the time was taken to go through my files and scripts and the "offending" script was removed. Again...I can't thank you enough! My site is back up and running beautifully again! I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have your site down due to someone spamming via a script in one of your folders! It's kind of like having somone break into your home. It really makes you appreciate dece
  12. S.O.S.....(HELP) I'm just trying to find the only way, that I haven't yet tried, to configure the forwarding of my website's email to the (second) 2nd identity of my regular Outlook Express email for IE6.0 I have absolutely NO problem auto configuring my Outlook Express via the cpanel, but it only seems to work for the default account. I haven't, yet, found a way to have it forward two of the four cpanel accounts to the 2nd identity on my Outlook Express. If anyone has ever encountered this problem and found a way to work this out, I sure would appreciate a "walkthrough". Look
  13. Back again... Well...thanks to Rickvz (advanced member), I am now up and running! I have an "update now" button on my awstats page and it works fine. Rick walked me through each step...and I want to publicly acknowledge his help. I'm not sure if I am opening up a can of worms here by posting the steps that he walked me through, but I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to know "step by step" how to get the "update now" button on their AWStats. So...here goes. (Rick...I hope this doesn't get you in any hot water...) First, go to your Cpanel and cli
  14. BOY... I thought I was "starting" to pick up a little bit off of these forums, but you guys have made me realize I am trying to read a "foreign" language. I wonder if I might get a few suggestions? I submitted an inquiry to the help desk, about not getting any stats on my AWstats page, and they looked into it and updated them manually. That has been done twice, by them, and they said they were aware of a problem and that they are working on it. They have always been great, but I hate to keep asking them to update my stats, but I really do need them. My question is this...how
  15. I'm using CuteFTP and I put in a ticket at the help desk and they have been working with my wife to get everything fixed while I was trying to earn a living at work. But now I'm back and I'm going to see if I am able to work things out with their help. I sure want to take the time to compliment Tony from the help desk! He has been working at getting our site up for hours! I have never seen the pleasant atmosphere and courteous and timely responses from ANY business! Believe me...I will recommend this hosting service to everyone I can tell! Thanks, again, for everyone's help a
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