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  1. Wow! Zeegirl brings up a Q for me (thnx!) about my two sites. I have two separate domain names with separate content, both hosted on separate TCH plans. Can I combine? And only have to work with one cpanel? I suppose that would change my storage and traffic quotas as well... Worth looking into, if it is possible. Thanks, Dexter
  2. Wow - looks hot in there! Hey Bill, is this secret info: How many sites does TCH host? You all (especially you!) are the greatest! -Dexter
  3. Once again you guys pulled the rabbit out of the hat. This time it was a mysteriously deleted inbox - but, undaunted, you restored it, and then showed me how to learn the R1soft restore process. What a team! In 6 yrs, this sort of thing hasnt happened... ever! But when it does, you are right there - and Im so grateful! Thanks, Dexter
  4. Dick, You are the man! Thanks so - I searched hi and lo, but now thanks to you I have the instructions. Pete, Ellis and Scott jumped on my ticket and restored my email - you guys are really great! And now I can read about how to do so myself... and maybe get inspired to read a lot of this great knowledge base you guys have put together - there is LOTS I could learn for sure! Thanks again, Dexter
  5. Hi, Help desk instructed me to use "R1soft backup restore" to solve my lost emails problem. I see it in cPanel, tried using it cold, looked for tutorials, checked cPanel documentation... Any hints on where to look/ask? Thanks, Dexter Payne dexterpayne.com
  6. I chose Total Choice for my hosting 6 yrs ago. There have been some dark moments (blind spots!) when I thought "OMG, what now?" And every time - within hours... tonight within minutes, one of you was there and solving my little (in the scheme of things) problem which is, of course, monumental to me. Thanks SO MUCH! Dexter Payne dexterpayne.com
  7. Hi, Im new to totalchoice. Fully intended to forward to my aol address, oops! Time for plan B- someone said they dont forward to ANY service that bounces spam, does that leave any options? So... Im adjusting. I thought aol was bad for spam, but now Im finding how much they apparently filtered (I run an older version, so I dont get to see the spam folder). Checking mail on my server at totalchoice is an onerous task, and one of the chief culprits is my "unlimited POP accounts". Read: unlimited spam opportunities. I used one of the suggested modes of cloaking e-mail addresses in my web pages, but Im getting mail to bill@, bob@, joe@, etc. So Ive set my default e-mail to dump all usernames except accounts Im using currently. Kinda clunky, but I dont know any other way around. And Im using "spam assassin" as a filter (my experience with losing important mail @ aol has me scared of the inaccessible "spambox"...) and I seem to have to invent all my own filters in order to get ANY results. Any guidance would be welcome! Dexter Payne note@dexterpayne.com
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