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  1. Are totalchoice web hosting getting a new web design frontpage? Coz i always think the frontpage does not reflect the quality hosting toal host has too offer.
  2. Yes i have other qs............ I saw on findmyhosting forum a user post that he had been rejected simply because he has a IP in bankok and a credit card in UK. Here is a few things i don't understand. 1. I spent my summer, christmas, or easter around the round such as USA, singaore, Hong Kong, twain and Janpan. While i spent most of my time in UK since i live in UK. So i have a UK account. Does that mean i can't order things when i am not in UK? 2. If i am paying 12 months in advance why would it matter if i am UK or not? Anyway........... you are not even accepting new clients....... Oh. and something i don't understand. Even TCH sever is located in different Data centre. And the explanation was if there is one data centre for all. If DC fails means everything fails. However if it is in mutiple DC, then smaller amount of damage is done. However, i suppose the reliablity tracker on findmyhosting is only done one data centre, right? So it doesn't truly shown all the data... am i correct? ( BTW your results on findmyhosting was pretty impressive )
  3. I will keep it short and simple since i have type up a 200 + word question and loss it due to my STUPID ISP! 1. Is Daily Back with any of the plan? 2. Can i have domain name redirect to a sub folder using serives from my name register. ( becoz your pre q sound like very strict about one domain name per account ) 3. So in theory i can't have gaming .com for my gaming part of website? ( Same website but different part )
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