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  1. I'm in #51. cPanel : 8.8.0-STABLE Build 74 My cPanel is the newest one I think. The difference is its theme(skin), isn't it? (yeah, I 'd like to have the X one because of its look and feel )
  2. I was a little amazed too when i found out there actually is a boss who is active in discussions. I have never seen that anywhere else. Thanks HG and TCH. :heart AGREE
  3. I found that! you're so quick! Thanks Rock Sign
  4. In my case, my brother registed for me as I had some problems here. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=6838 He(my brother) said it was so easy to follow and quick. I've found that both Signup & welcome email arrived almost at the same time Thumbs Up with his registration. I checked the cPanel and FTP out, and I loved it. I'm waiting for DNS propagation right now. :heart Thanks, guys. p.s. In the cPanel, where can I change my password?
  5. Bruce and Alan, I'll be here waiting for a new server (which is NEW !! ) Thanks guys.
  6. I won't go anywhere, I just can't because I know how great you are. TCH, I'm waiting for you...
  7. OMG I purchaced a domain name today, and I was going to sign up with TCH tommorrow. How fast can you build new servers for us? Please be back soon...
  8. The thing is... I have to have an account in the bank at least 3 months that't the condition of getting a "Visa Dedit Card" of the bank. So I should find the other way to register like: Hope it won't be a problem.
  9. That's what i'm talking 'bout!
  10. Good news! Thank you, Qinau. In Australia the Debit Visa Card is not quiet popular so I have never heard of that. My bank doesn't offer that kind of card, and I had to call some banks. I finally found one (only 1 out of 5 ) that I can have a Visa Debit Card from them. I'm gonna open an account there! With a Visa Debit Card, my IP address, the card origin and the contact address are all Australia, and I hope that there will be no problem like Lianna said. Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks Rob. Hope someone can help her(who doesn't understand english) to do that.
  12. Thanks, Lianna. I think you need the 2 countries to be matched; the origin of the card(billing address) and current IP address. I've been studying in here since 2000 and am going to study futher 3 years. Accoding to your answer, I should use billing address(my country) for my VISA (which is from my country) but then my IP address won't be matched, and I will be be suspected of fraud. I don't have a job in here and can't apply a credit card. I can't go back to my country now because I want to finish my study. I then should wait until I finish study in here and go back to my country, shouldn't I? What about my mom uses her card and her address in my country(where she lives) to register, then gives me the "domain+hosting space" as a set of gift to me? In that case those 2 countries are exactly the same. Is that unacceptable? well, I think so.. I hope we can find a way to let me in... (there is no "cry" icon) Thanks for reading
  13. Thank you, Rob! 1. Ok. I'll try. 2. cPanel is so smart, I love it! 3. <new question : which address should I use> I live in Australia, when I register (both Domain and Hosting) do I write this Australia address where I am living in? * I think I should use contact info in Australia (add, tel,...) in case you want to contact with me. In the future if I move to another place or another country, I will change that. * But the bank is in my country, not in Australia (I brought the card from my country), so I am not sure what to do. ...In fact, I read the customer review page, and found a case that [different countries-related problem]. (a person who live in Thialand, use NYC address something like that..) That's the reason why I wrote about "country"... I wanted to double check in my case there won't be a problem. And...the final question...
  14. Hi there, I am going to register my 1st domain name and hosting server in here. Before doing that, I just have some questions.. I'm sorry - So many questions, Poor grammar 1. <from Domain name to Hosting> Please tell me if I am saying correctly. 2. <on-line? How to?> My pc is not very secure, and I couldn't set up for PHP/PERL server. So I have to unzip/edit/chmod all online. - Unzip MT file -> set MYSQL -> edit mt.cfg. -> set permissions ... How can I EDIT files and CHMOD in the server(online)? cPanel just can open file and allow to edit it? Or Telnet? Or FTP? 3. <Billing - Credit card> I am liveing/studying in the overseas now. I brought my VISA card from my country, which is mine but the bank account is my mom's. My mom opened the card to me for an emergency(like this..haha..). So my country of residence and credit card account country are not same. I havn't had any problem using the VISA in any country I've been at all, but just concern if there will be ANY trouble here. and can I pay 2 years' fee at once? Thanks in advance. (And big big thanks for your best tutorials!) Rock Sign
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