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  1. I'm using 2.8.2 and can't find how to select all plugins that require update. Where is this option located? If I missed the "upgrade all" option then obviously entering FTP details isn't that big of a hassle. That doesn't help though with editing theme files and other issues. How do other hosts solve this problem?
  2. Well, I installed this plugin because it had an option to upgrade all plugins with one click, can search plugins remotely (much better than browsing the WP site), etc. So I don't want to remove it. It can update plugins one by one using the FTP option, which is certainly a less convenient way.
  3. By default, permissions are 755 for directories and 644 for files, but the owner is me, not nobody. And certainly wp-content/plugins isn't owned by nobody; therefore updating plugins doesn't work properly.
  4. How about permission issues? I need to chmod directories to 777 every time WP or a plugin needs to write a file.
  5. The reply from Help Desk is negative. IDLE is not supported by TCH.
  6. It's not quite a "specific server related" question, it's just a feature of the hosting service (like having a full-featured IMAP mail or limited), and may be of interest to a few other folks who look for a hosting provider. Most probably I won't switch to another hosting provider because of this, but if I were looking for hosting now, I would most definitely opt for a hosting with IDLE support. Anyway, I'll open a ticket and post reply here so that others may find the answer.
  7. How come it's a question for the help desk? It's not a problem, it's just an inquiry about the capabilities of the hosting software. I'd also love to know this. With IDLE support you can have push email service for free on any PDA, for example.
  8. It's hard for me to say now. Credit cards are fine with me at this time. Maybe by that time Visa will fix their verification algorythm. According to their rules, a card with a VISA logo must be accepted everywhere, regardless of where it was issued. I have no clue why a Citibank Visa issued in Russia might not pass their verification. Most probably it's just a bug, but they are really slow in fixing it (the problem has been out there for a couple of years now). In the meanwhile, many hosts, including US-based ones, accept WebMoney payments apart from credit cards/PayPal.
  9. Sounds great, thanks! But what exactly is in the works? Are you talking about just billing issues or about payment options as well? I think Head Guru said several times you didn't have any plans regarding the latter.
  10. It's "viruses", according to my spellchecker and Lycos dictionary
  11. I would like to be able to access billing information. I don't like living in the dark with regard to such issues. I don't remember when exactly I paid last time. I know you guys are supposed to remind me , but e-mails get lost, or deleted by anti-spam software etc. I don't want to wake up one day and see my account canceled. Also, more payment options. I might go to Russia in a few months which means I'll most probably have to cancel my account here, which I'd hate to do. But PayPal doesn't accept credit cards from many Eastern European countries for some weird reasons, and if you use th
  12. No, that's only for SSI. Also, I'd like to say that you don't have to use this Axxxxx syntax. You can simply write, ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 30 days" or ExpiresByType image/jpeg "modification plus 1 year"
  13. What did this cgiemail do?
  14. As a matter of fact, I am thinking about switching to Jabber to avoid using all these proprietary networks, but can't find a client I would like.
  15. I use Miranda as a client, it's really the only one out there that has an interface I can tolerate on my screen for more than 5 minutes. And that's only because it has a ticker and I almost never have to open it. I've heard it has plugins for different protocols, but I only use ICQ because I've never seen anyone who would use Yahoo or AIM. And I would never chat with anyone using MSN, of course.
  16. You will need to install Apache (or another server) on your computer only if you want to test your scripts locally. Otherwise you will have to upload files here every time you modify anything. Sorry if it isn't the answer you hoped for. These *nix things (I mean PHP and Apache) look scary at first, don't have "normal" configuration UI and so on, but in fact they are very easy to set up and run, at least on the level you will be using them at first. Theoretically, you can use IIS as a server, if you have Win2k or XP you shouldn't even download anything (it's in Control Panel | Ad
  17. I could never in my entire life write anything at all that would use mod_rewrite and work. I use regexp all the time in the scripts that parse XML and HTML, I use all other Apache modules, but this one has been nothing but pain for me. I've learned the tutorials by heart now but still can't understand a damned thing. I gave up. I hate it.
  18. For some reason I don't really understand, PHP scripts can't access files in directories without execute permissions. I get "permission denied" errors. I've never seen this anywhere except for TCH.
  19. You mean PHP error reporting? Sometimes errors aren't serious enough to prevent visitors from using the site normally, but error reports still show up, messing up the layout. Moreover, the error reports can give away some paths and file names, which may pose certain security risks.
  20. Absolutely. Cpanel's File Manager is a little slow, that's why I don't like it too much. But otherwise any of the methods does the same thing.
  21. Personally, I don't like to turn error reporting on and off via .htaccess. The problem with this method is that I have to modify this file every time I need to debug something. I just thought that an alternative method would be to include something like in the php file if ($_GET['debug']) ini_set('display_errors', '1'); else ini_set('display_errors', '0'); This way you can turn debugging on and off at any time, by just adding ?debug=something to the URL.
  22. Before diving into it further, I'd notice that there's no "top margin" property in CSS. It should be "margin-top".
  23. It's hard to say anything without seeing the HTML code. But most probably it's the box model problem if the layout breaks in IE5-. Here's the deal. IE5- browsers for Windows (Mac versions are unaffected) have a buggy implementation of CSS box model. If you have an element with width, padding and border specified with CSS, IE5- will include padding and border in the width, which is wrong. The most popular workaround is this. IE5 for Windows luckily has another bug in parsing CSS files. If it meets two rules defining the same property it ignores the last one, and shows the first one. T
  24. No, it's not. It's probably the simplest of all Apache modules and doesn't require any special knowledge, except that you should know that a .jpg has the type of image/jpeg, .gif - image/gif, png - image/png. http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/mod_expires.html Don't ask me about mod_rewrite, that one is difficult.
  25. Ouch. I remind somebody of Microsoft. That hurts. No, you got me all wrong. The author of the thread was asking about distinguishing between IE versions, and I answered that question. I also said that browser detection should be avoided. If I were him, I would rather edit the skin than detect browsers. Most probably it's CSS, which causes problems in old IE. There are tons of workarounds available.
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