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  1. I'd like to try out some of the installed cgi scripts like cgiemail (linked from the cPanel), but I don't appear to have a cgi-sys (or, if it's not supposed to be in my tree, it's not working from wherever it *is*). Am I missing something? (Either literally or figuratively.) -Joy
  2. This seems fishy to me...it comes from "support@secureserver.net", though it's signed TotalChoice Hosting. (Full message text pasted below, except I've changed the "Domain Information Key" in the link.) If it isn't legit, I'll gladly forward the whole message (with headers) to the TCH folks. ============= Begin message=========== ****************************************** Important Notice Regarding your Domain(s) ****************************************** Dear Domain Administrator, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, requires all registrars to ask
  3. Actually, my husband's company didn't block it intentionally--the first day he was there, it was already blocked, and they unblocked it at his request. (He does a fair amount of web browsing--ahem, not all of it work-related--and mine is the only site he's come across that was blocked.) So *something* got that IP on the blocked list before he even got there, and it was probably not my site, which has little more than family photos on it so far. Thank you for the URL to confirm it's not on any blocked lists, by the way...it may have to remain a mystery. However, it's unnerving that of the a
  4. When my husband started work at his large company, he found that web traffic to my domain (wollernet.com) was blocked by whatever filtering software they use there. There's certainly no questionable content on *my* domain's web site(actually, there's very little of anything so far), so I suspected that since I'm sharing an IP, somebody else may have something unsavory. (I asked him to ask their IT people specifically why wollernet.com was blocked, but I don't think he got an answer.) It's not just that it's a non-business site--no other commercial site he could think of was blocked (including
  5. I want to transfer all my web files from my old host to this host (and verify that everything is working) before submitting the DNS change request on my domain name. I moved the files into public_html (via ftp), but I can't figure out how to make index.html in that folder be the main page of the site. In other words, if I go to http://IPNUMBER/~mainaccount/, I see my public_html/index.html file, but if I go to http://IPNUMBER/, I get a "welcome, check your email" message.
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