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  1. Hi, I have PHP-Nuke (6.8 I think) installed. I won't even try updating to 7.4 or 7.5 because I'm not smart enough for that. To start getting more from my site, is there a tutorial here for PHP-Nuke? If not, then I would like to suggest one. Thanks, Rick
  2. Hi, I would like to purchase a combination DVD Recorder / VCR so I can easily transfer/copy olf family VHS tapes to DVD. OK, there are lots of choices out there, BUT, I want to be able to play the DVD on both a DVD player AND my PC. So here's the question. Which DVD Recroder/VHS combo brands record DVDs that will also play on PCs? Thanks, Rick
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. Hi, Any recommendations for a simple to use, good and cheap password manager? Thanks, Rick
  5. Unfortunately, it does not have a floppy drive, only CD, SD slot and PC card slot.
  6. Hi, I've had my laptop about a year now and I'd like to do some "spring cleaning" by formatting the HD and reinstalling Win XP using the System Restore copy of Win XP. I tried installing today, but there was no option to format the HD. Consequently, all it did was install Win XP into a small "D" particition. I have a Gateway M500 laptop. Thanks, Rick
  7. I travel a lot and use many different computers so using OE or O is not always an option for me. Thanks, Rick
  8. With all due respect to Neomail, Horde and Squirrelmail...I don't like any of them. Are there any other web-based e-mail options I can use to access my e-mail? Perhaps one that looks like Outlook Express or Outlook? Thanks, Rick
  9. Thanks so much! I'll blame it all on my old eyes and small font!
  10. Hi, I don't seem to find it anywhere, including a forums search. Does TCH offer any type of server-side anti-spam software service for our e-mail? Thanks, Rick
  11. It works! It works! It works!
  12. Hi, I started playing around with trying to add "Downloads" in my PHP-Nuke site and now I want to delete one of them. There does not seem to be any kind of "delete" options, at least none that I can find. Any suggestions? thanks, Rick
  13. Hi, Using FrontPage (2000), how do I program to automatically redirect from one web page to another webpage? I want to do it two ways, one after 5 seconds, one after 0 seconds. Thanks, Rick
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the PHP-Nuke Documentation in a single file? I want to print it out and bind it for reference. I know the "docs" folder has documentation, but it's not very printable because it's hundreds of separate html pages. Thanks, Rick
  15. Thanks, Is there any other way to import the links. I have about a hundred or so to do and the thought of manaully coding them all leaves me...depressed... Rick
  16. Hi, Sorry for the bother, but I've finally decided to use Moveable Type as the "engine" to drive my website over PHP Nuke. I had MT installed on my site, now I want to start "configuring it" and I am a very "slow and dense" non-programmer. I would like to a left and right colum showing my favorite website links. I notice the "Add You Links Here" but it does not do anything. How can I add different categories of links and the links themselves? Thanks, Rick www.rickblunt.com
  17. OK, no wonder. I have Win XP Home...I'll download WinZip. Thanks, Rick
  18. Hi, I downloaded a few new themes for a PHP Nuke site I have that are in tar.cz folders. How do I open them? Thanks, Rick
  19. Hi, Until I'm satisfied withmy website, I want the index.htm page to automatically send viewers to a subdirectory. So, when someone types in www.mypage.com they will instantly and automatically be sent to www.mypage.com/subdirectory How do I do that? Thanks, Rick
  20. Thanks! I see what you mean Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Know of any way to add a Photo Album? Thanks, Rick
  21. Hi, I just installed, actually had MT insall, Moveable Type as my site engine at www.abely.com. Is there a way to include/upload picture/photos with the blog comment entry? Thanks, Rick PS...Happy New Year!
  22. Jack, Thanks very much for the simplified explanation. I am already absolutely amazed at the helpful TCH responses I'm getting to my questions. Thanks and Happy New Year , Rick
  23. OK, so I'm a "digital immagrant" and not a red-wings drinking "digital native." I can live with that. So, what is PHP? Thanks, Clueless in Virginia AKA: Rick
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