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  1. I always suggest they download Filezilla but weather they listen or not varies. Many times they're on a network and may not have the necessary permissions to install new software. Other times, they download items from an FTP site a few times a year so having a specific program for downloading seems excessive to them. I only know enough about FTP to make it work. I've used IE in the past to download from other sites. Is there no way to configure the server to make it more Windows friendly?
  2. I've set up an FTP account through cpanel which I use to distribute largish files to vendors. Pretty straight forward use of FTP. I give them the login and password where upon I'll get a phone call asking for help. I make sure that they have the user name and password typed correctly which either fixes the problem, or doesn't. It might be a problem localized to older versions of Windows. All the problems I've encountered so far have been on Win2000 or earlier. I was hoping you all had seen this before and that it was perhaps a setting or permsion that I was missing. I'll send you both a private message with the login. Thanks
  3. Hi, I've tried to find the answer to this via the forum search feature but I get an error everytime I try to access any of the search results. So sorry if I'm covering some well-trod gound. Here goes: I've had several people experience intermittant problems accessing my FTP site via Internet Explorer. It seems to work for some but not for others. The difficulty takes on 2 forms - 1. No access at all and 2. They can see the folders and files but can't access them. File permissions are set at 755. I have no problems accessing the site using an FTP client - it's only with IE/Windows Explorer. Suggesting that anyone who tries to access the site download Filezilla isn't an option. I've already submitted a ticket but they don't seem to see a problem. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Hi - I have a client that is currently using FTP to move some video files around. They just upgraded their account to the platinum level and I've already recieved a critical warning email about exceeding their disk space. I realize the next step is upgrading to a dedicated hosting package but I'd like to know if there is an alternative for them in moving these large files around? They are exchanging these files with one or two other people, so bandwidth isn't an issue. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Here's what I heard from customer support (and I appologize for hi-jacking Paul's thread again) Neo-Mail puts a 2mb limit on email file attachments. I asked them to increase it to 5mb and they did. It solved my problem. I hope Paul can solve his. Thanks for everyone's assistance.
  6. He's actually trying to send the attachment via the TCH Neomail web mail interface using the TCH mail servers. Can his ISP or network put any contraints on this type of traffic? To them it's just going to look like he's doing a file transfer, no?
  7. So the error message is coming from our mail server or from his ISP? Thanks for your help. I'll go open a support ticket now.
  8. I actually put up a post about this earlier in the week. I have a client as well that would like to send large files via email. Using Neomail he got this error message: "Sorry, your attachments exceed the attachment size limit, which is 2 MB!" Is there a way to raise this? I know that Yahoo has an option to send attachments up to 10mb. I realize FTP is the best option but if sending larger attachments is possible, I'd like to give my client that option.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I've asked what email client their using but haven't gotten a reply. My guess is their using some form of Outlook to pass Powerpoint presentation files around. I think I'm close to convincing them to use FTP for this kind of thing. Thanks again for all your help. I remain pleased as punch with TCH!
  10. Hi - Is there a way to change the limit on the size of a single email attachment? I realize that large files should be moved by FTP but I'm trying to simplify things a bit for a client. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Thanks for the help everyone! The problem seems to have been the number of alpha adjusted items I had on the screen. Originally each little car consisted of several copies of itself all layered on top of one another and off set by a pixel or 2. I then adjust the alpha on each layer in an attempt to make each car a little blurry. That seems to have put a big load on the processesor and caused the stuttering. I reduced each litte car to 2 layers, rather than six and that seems to have solved the problem. Unfortunately now all the moving objects are a little crisp in relation to the blurry background. Anyone got a technique for blurring vector art in flash?
  12. Hi, I'm trying to teach myself Flash and I've run into a bit of a problem. I've built a simple movie that runs just fine on my machine (P4, 2.8, 1 gig ram, WinXP home)but when I look at it on another machine (P3, 400, 512ram, WinXP pro) it slows down significantly. The Movie can be found here It's a pretty small movie, I can't believe it would force any machine to work that hard. The P3 has a pretty crappy video card - an old Voodoo 4 - so I'm wondering if that's what the problem might be. Would someone mind looking at it and let me know what you see? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Ah ok. Dark and messy with just a hint of sumo - that's the way I like it! Desktop Sumo
  14. Thanks for the responses. Mike could you offer any suggestions? I've also been looking at Your Virtual Store and Storefront both of which use ASP which would mean findng a Windows host. One of the the benefits of SalesCart is that I could host the site here. Thanks again for the advice.
  15. Hello - Sorry if this has been covered before but I'm wondering if anyone has used Salescart X and what sort of luck you may have had with it here at Total Choice. If your unfamiliar with the product, here's a link to their site I'm looking for a cart that works well with Dreamweaver and is as customizable as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have to offer.
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