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  1. Dave, I saw your post and you can absolutely do what you want to do. Most of the CMS setups (Nuke, Post Nuke, etc.) allow this by default. However, I've got a standalone script running as well that performs this function. One thing that you might want to include in your code is to only allow a limited number of referrals to be sent from a given IP address within a defined time period.
  2. Thanks Bill. Now, what about my original question?
  3. I'm not sure. I'm home now. We couldn't access anything from the office. It was working then stopped. I gave up and came home. I'll check that in the morning. Thanks for your help though.
  4. What is the status of this offering? I noticed in an earlier post that dedicated servers are not currently being offered. Is this true? And, what in the world is a Semi-Dedicated Server? It's either dedicated or it's not. It's like being semi-pregnant. Thanks
  5. I agree. Sure, shutting it down may be the best option. But, a little more notice would have been more considerate. We've been dealing with this issue all along. Antoher day or two wouldn't have made a difference. Time to go shopping.
  6. OK. I stripped everything down and started over. New copy of the script, new test form. I can send to any address as long as it is not part of the host domain. Can it be that something has gone awry with the mail service on the server? Can that be checked or restarted?
  7. I get no error messages. Can you send it to an account at mydomain.biz?
  8. Thanks for the reply Don. Yes, I have been on their site and the the documentation is...lacking. All of the valid referrers are OK. I uploaded a copy of the original working script from my PC and it still will not deliver to addresses on that domain whether they exist or not.
  9. I opened a help desk ticket on this one, but they said that they could not help me and I should ask on the forums. So, here I am. First off, all of the accounts mentioned here are hosted at TCH. I have a site at domainA.com. On this site, I have been using LevelTen Formmail to process an online form and send the results to an email address. For our purposes, let's call that email address joe@domainA.com. Everything worked fine for months until... Someone who legitimately has accesss to the server and control panel decided that it would be good to have the results of the form cc'ed to another email address at the domain. It is simple enough to do as my before and after examples will illustrate: Before (worked) >$formAction['default'] = array( 'recipient' => 'joe@domainA.com', 'recipient_cc' => '', 'recipient_bcc' => '', 'subject' => 'Quote Request', 'redirect' => 'http://domainA.com/thankyou.html', 'email' => 'email', 'realname' => '', 'required' => '', 'format' => 'html', 'sesrep_max_items' => '200', ); After (screwed things up) >$formAction['default'] = array( 'recipient' => 'joe@domainA.com', 'recipient_cc' => 'harry@domainA.com', 'recipient_bcc' => '', 'subject' => 'Quote Request', 'redirect' => 'http://domainA.com/thankyou.html', 'email' => 'email', 'realname' => '', 'required' => '', 'format' => 'html', 'sesrep_max_items' => '200', ); Now, it seems that by having the script attempt to deliver to two email addresses from the host domain it has disabled all mail from the form going to accounts at domainA.com. I put the script back to its original form and now nothing will be sent to domainA.com. However, it will send mail to accounts that are not on domainA.com. To illustrate, this is how the script is currently setup and it is working fine but it is a bit of a kludge. Current (works) >$formAction['default'] = array( 'recipient' => 'paul@domainB.com', 'recipient_cc' => '', 'recipient_bcc' => '', 'subject' => 'Quote Request', 'redirect' => 'http://domainA.com/thankyou.html', 'email' => 'email', 'realname' => '', 'required' => '', 'format' => 'html', 'sesrep_max_items' => '200', ); So, to sum up, the script works fine sending to addresses anywhere but on the host domain. The host domain is in the valid referres list, so that is not the problem. Is it possible that the mail service on the server is somehow not allowing the delivery of items to the host domain? Thanks
  10. I've read through the AUP and know that what I want to do does not violate the policy. But, I would like to know how the action may be viewed systemically. Here is my question. If I install some type of List Manager on a site that allows users to opt-in for a newsletter, how does TCH view the resultant activity when I actually send a newsletter? Let’s say 300 people sign up and I use PHP-Nuke or some other list manager to send a newsletter to all 300 subscribers. Is TCH going to shut me down because I attempted to send a high number of email messages in a very short time frame? Thanks
  11. OK, guys and gals. I'm going to throw a slightly different twist on this one. Personally, I have two accounts hosted by TCH. My business is taking off so I am considering a reseller account. According to this thread, you can move them over for me no problem. (You guys are the best!) Now, here is where it gets interesting. I've also designed commercial sites for both my brother's and sister's business. Upon my recommendation, they are both also hosted at TCH, but bro and sis pay the bills. How do I go about having these sites moved to my reseller account? Thanks.
  12. Don't be concerned about hijacking. It helped to get your problem addressed. Unfortunately, the Neomail fix doesn't work in my situation. The users are all staunch Outlook users. Hopefully someone can offer a suggestion.
  13. Rob, Thanks for your input. We reset the SMTP server to port 26. However, there was no change. I'm thinking that changing the timeout settings on the server may be the only option. Any other ideas? Thanks, Paul
  14. Yes. It's a TCH-hosted account. Currently, Outlook is setup to use port 25. I could easily change it to port 26. But, I don't see what difference that would make. Unless you set the SMTP service to have a longer timeout on that port. I thought the use of port 26 was just to get around ISP blocking issues. Please educate me.
  15. How do they do that?? Do they monitor the traffic directed to ports 110 and 25 on everyone's PC? How would they throttle that? I could understand it if you were attaching to their servers for email. But, we're talking about using TCH servers here. Back to my original question. Can the timeout on the SMTP server be increased? Thanks, Paul
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