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  1. One day last month I tried starting Windows Media Player but there was no sound. After checking all settings everything was correct, so then I went into "Windows mode" (just start clicking everything until I get results - good or bad). Much to my bewilderment, after selecting 'mute all' and then deselecting it the sound started working!? I now have to do this everytime I want to listen to music. Select mute and then deselect it... weird.
  2. I have the same questions. I get a lot of calls from clients looking for lost emails and I almost always find them sitting in the domain account because of an unacceptable attachment. Explaining to 23 people in four different companies how to zip the often inane junk they send each other has proven to be a fruitless endeavor.
  3. Woohoo! Using info at the first link: www.ros.co.nz/pdf In less than 20 minutes I was able to make pdf's on the fly straight from a mysql_query(). Thanks for the link!
  4. Thanks Raul! I will crunch on some of the code at the links you listed. At first glance it looks like I might be able to accomplish what I want without pdf_lib. Thanks again!
  5. I am using PHP to generate a membership list from a mysql database. I was wanting to produce a pdf on the fly with this information. The easiest route seems to make use of php_lib, but I don't think TCH has it installed. Is there any thought to adding this feature in the near future? Does anyone know of an alternative to php_lib to do what I want?
  6. I don't like posting on any forums (notice my low post count). I think I am often taken the wrong way, perhaps I should use more goof emoticons. This thread struck a bad chord with me because I am in the energy business. So by default I am one of those greedy pigs bent on destroying the world while lining my pockets. The FACTS that TCH-Jim listed mean little when faced with the emotions of environmentalists, (not that I'm saying anyone here is like this). There is no 'Man' trying to keep everybody down. If solar, wind, or hydro could run circles around traditional methods of energy we'd be using them! So what if we burnt up two years of energy making that solar panel -- don't you feel better now! TCH, like all businesses, is trying to compete by providing a valuable product at a reasonable price. (TCH is under priced if you ask me) These are businesses that provide jobs to provide food, shelter, and well-being. As good as using my tax dollars to subsidize wind farms makes me feel , emotions do not pay the bills or keep the doors open. You can spend thousands, if not millions, building a wind farm in Burton, MI, but don't hold your breath waiting for the stampede of new clients and ROI -return on investment. If you think for more than a knee-jerk moment about what I said above, "save the world -- kill yourself", it has a lot of truth to it. What I'm saying is that there are practical methods in which to decrease the impact humans have on this world, and there are impractical ones that will do little more than hinder or destroy us in the long run. We must find a balance that we can live with. So everything I just said can be reduced to "save the world -- kill yourself"
  7. Sorry, I should have said that it reminded me of a bumper sticker I had seen once that said that. I apologize for my crass behavior. Anyway, I do sleep good knowing that if the wind stops blowing my sites will still be available.
  8. help save the planet -- kill yourself. sorry, did I say that out loud?
  9. Here's a pic of my home office. Despite drastic measures, I still can't keep up with Head Guru and 99.9% uptime! Rock Sign
  10. sabershooter


    I started out with Abyss because it was free. It's kind of slow and the more complex my PHP scripts became the more likely it was to crap out on me. // but then again, it could have been the sloppy code writing of a beginner If your using Windoze at home you may consider WindowsXP Professional which comes equipped with the IIS server. You'd have to download and configure the latest version of PHP: PHP.NET and to unlock the real power of PHP: MySQL The WROX PHP Beginners book I had then had the instructions on setting up both with the IIS server. I'm not sure of a web based alternative that makes it as easy as the book I had. I have used my Windows box to create and test my PHP applications, and there was no noticeable difference in how they performed once uploaded the TCH servers. Frankly, I think running a server locally is imperative if you're going to go much farther than simple scripts.
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