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  1. Caliyo


    Thanks so much!!
  2. Caliyo


    Please refresh my memory as to how to check this out. Not sure when my year is up. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Kasey that did the trick. I find what I needed. Thank you for the tip! And Thanks for your input too Madman! This place is the best! Sorry for posting in the wrong spot.
  4. My laptop has no serial port. So I bought a USB serial Adapter. You plug it into the USB port and has a serial port on the other end. It didn't come with any drivers so I'm not sure how to configure it. Mad!!! Any help would be appreacatied. Thanks!
  5. Can you set up a link when clicked upon, asks the user for a password to view that page?
  6. Is there a tutorial or guide as to changing permissions in file management? I was playing around and didn't understand why it wouldn't change back as I was checking it to. I finally got it back to the original state. Is there anything out there? Deanavail has a great suggestion.
  7. Don Strange thing after enabling hotlink protection my home page image is not viewable. All other pages are fine. When it is disabled the image comes up fine. Any thoughts?
  8. Caliyo


    Thanks Mike! Sorry!
  9. How do I set a Hyperlink to a mailbox? For Example FEEDBACK: ME@****
  10. Caliyo


    Can I remove Interchange once installed? I clicked on it not knowing it would install. Just delete the cart folder?
  11. Caliyo


    Whats the difference between the Interchange Cart and the Agora Cart in cpanel?
  12. Is it possible to have a page set up so when someone hits it they have to have a password? Like ssl, How do you set this up? I was looking in the site managment web protect but didn't see the page in there that I wanted to do this on. I went into file managment and couldn't do anything in there either. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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