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  1. Ok thanks Rick,I created it through my cpanel on manage subdomains. Tina
  2. Hi,I'm having trouble with 2 of my subdomains,everytime I click on the link,I'm getting a page can not be displayed,even when I open it up in my computer,my graphics and html pages are x's,but my domain and my older subdomains work fine. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it please? Thank you much. Tina
  3. Does anyone know how to create a tagboard for your site - instead of going to tagboard dot com and shoutbox? I do not like that you can't edit it. Thanks Tina
  4. dominat


    I need some help,I just installed 4images gallery,but now I'm having trouble with the auto-thumbnailer, I need to know the path for ImageMagick,can anyone help and let me know what it is???Thanks so much.
  5. ok so I am allowed to use it? where would I target my thumbnails? thanks Tina
  6. I was wondering if it is possible to use a gallery such as 4 images for my site. http://www.4homepages.de thanks Tina
  7. Nameserver Change..... I went to http://www.secureserver.net/default.asp?pr...simple&se=&isc= to change to ns1.totalchoicehosting.com ns2.totalchoicehosting.com but I don't remember ever having a log in name and password... I am totally lost can someone help! Thanks Tina
  8. I have recently cancelled one of my accounts at TCH. I recieved an email stating that 2 installments were refunded on my credit card. I only wanted to cancel One silver plan account. Please help! I wanted to cancel elusive-dreams.net I want to keep my other account dominateyourdestiny.net PLease Please Help I don't know what to do- I have wrote out Tickets but they suggest I contact TCH.
  9. uh oh.... Now my Index page has a big X on it.....I used the Hotlinking protection in my c-panel. what now??? Thanks
  10. I won't even ask how you did that but THANKS!! Thumbs Up Rock Sign
  11. I got a another question.....I have been trying for months to get my site removed from this place- www.allmovieportal.com They will not respond. I was going to try to get their IP # but with no luck. I'm not sure if they are really stealing my bandwidth but everyone of my Image galleries are linked there. How do I remove myself I have wrote them several times. Thanks again Rock Sign (I removed the link...TCH-Lianna)
  12. I am trying to prevent direct linking to my images. Do I put the htaccess text file in my public.html of my c-panel or in the main folder of my domain and subdomains? ...... RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)? dominateyourdestiny.net/.*$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)? dominateyourdestiny.net.*$ [NC] RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg)$ http://dominateyourdestiny.net/evil.gif [R,L] And is this correct? Thanks
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