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  1. Thanks, Bruce. That makes me feel a little bit better. I sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day but I just always feel so awkward at the TCH forums. Keep up the great work that you guys do! Regards, Panda PS -- If I recall correctly, didn't you used to make apps for pdas or something like that? I like the server side aspect of using wireless devices, but obviously there is probably a much larger markey for downloadable things and clientside programs and I am hoping I can make a client side app in the (semi) near future.
  2. Thank you Sorry for being an annoyance -- never post in the right spot and I seem to ask dumb questions. I'll just open a ticket from now on Again, thanks and sorry, Panda
  3. The other Server 43 threads (from scsi failure) have been closed, so I'm starting a new thread here. I have a wireless device e-mail script so that e-mail can be read on the go from cell phones /pdas / whatever. Well, I uploaded an update to the script and it no longer works. PHP gives me an undefined function fatal error for the imap_* functions. What happened to them? Does this have something to do with last night or something else that I'm not aware of? The previous version(s) of course don't work either. From phpinfo() I see that there is no '--with-imap-blahblah' configure command but that one of apache's loaded modules is 'mod_imap'. Apache is.. uh.. far from my expertise so I don't know exactly what that means. So, basically, my question is where did my imap_* functions go? They were like family to me I imagine I'm just going to get told to open a help desk ticket but I thought I'd give it a shot and see if imap_* support was removed for some reason before I bothered the boys at the help desk. Thanks, Panda
  4. I absolutely refuse to use anything that I haven't completely written! But thank you. That script DID show me what I was doing wrong. The default port is 143 for IMAP and I was using '143"'. Alllll of that over one extra double quotes. I must have had it in double quotes and then decided to change it to single quotes but forgot to erase the second set of double quotes. I suppose it should be an integer anyway, not any kind of string. Anyway, thanks again.
  5. Can anyone tell me how the heck I can make my own e-mail script with PHP? You know, like squirrelmail or whatever else. I want to make my own so that I can check my mail from my cell phone. The script needs to abide by the XHTML 1.0 Strict guidelines which is why I need to make my own. Really, the only thing I can't do is connect and get a list of e-mails. Once I can do that, I will be good to go. Also, now that I'm thinking about it, is there a way that receiving an e-mail could trigger a script? It would be nice to automatically have something happen when an e-mail is received instead of doing a continuous cron job to check for new messages.
  6. I didn't give the whole template thing a deep look but it looks as though squirrelmail does use templates, but the templates are just a list of variables of colors and such, so I imagine the app code is fairly intertwined with the presentational code. I guess more properly squirrelmail seems to use themes rather than templates. I did install it, however. I don't think I would have been able to do it, but on this forum there is a very helpful (and recent I believe) tutorial on installing it. Some of the variables I never would have gotten correct in a million years, such as $imap_server_type = 'uw'.. Anyway, thanks for the helpful nudges, I would have given up a long time ago if it didn't involve letting you down I guess it's on to chopping this bad boy up so it's WAP compatible. Thanks again.
  7. I do mean things such as cell phones and PDAs. I'm not sure what you mean by "change anything in the server". All I would need to change (or at least I don't see why I would need to change anything else) is the display files for the mail, such as (making these up) inbox.php and read_message.php (I guess that's what you mean by "layout of the served pages"... you're just using smart people talk). But as you said, I can't change the one installed at the server level and I don't know the information that I would need to enter into the config file if I tried to install it myself. And for the record, I don't care if it's squirrelmail or not, but of the three that are serverinstalled, that seems to be the plainest. I think getting rid of all the unnecessary html and the formatting html and just displaying the actual text would be much easier through that. I suppose I will try to install squirrelmail. I guess it probably can't be that hard. I wrote a private messaging system for wireless devices and it is basically the same thing as e-mail except it's just short messages stored in mysql. I wrote it as an alternative to Sprint's shortmail. I figured if my text messages have to be web-based, might as well make a good webbased messaging system. But that's another story...
  8. I am trying to be able to get webmail viewable from wireless devices. Is there any way I can edit squirrelmail files to allow this? Or is this something that is shared or something and cannot be edited? I downloaded squirrelmail from sourceforge and haven't looked too deeply into it but I do recognize that is it probably out of my league to try to install it to my domain. I could write my own script (I think) because I just want a simple, simple script that can show me mails and maybe send them, but I don't have any clue as to how to use IMAP. Can anyone tell me if I can modify squirrelmail files to be wireless friendly or what imap configurations need to be done? Thanks.
  9. try changing this: >$fp = fopen( "notes/data/names.txt", "w" ); to this: >$fp = fopen( "./notes/data/names.txt", "w" );
  10. alright.. topic title may be a little misleading and i'm not exactly sure where to post this question, so here goes: does cpanel give you a way to view stats (anything, a pretty html page, a raw log, anything..) mails sent (specifically by using the mail() function in php). it doesn't have to be through cpanel, either. just any way to access this kind of information? or is this something that is not really kept track of. if there is nothing, i can write a script that will log the information i need but i was just hoping that something like that is already implemented. thanks.
  11. oh, i see. when it checks to make sure all the fields are filled in, it sets them to true. true is the same thing as '1'. the "youremail" variable is not sent through the form, never checked and set to true or false, which is why it was sending you mail instead of mail to the email address "1" so for example: >if (strlen($_POST['name']) > 0) { $name = TRUE; } else { $name = FALSE; echo '<p>You forgot to enter your name!</p>'; } this sets "$name" to true (1), which why in your email, "$name" appears as one. you will just have to use different variables at the beginning. put these four lines under the if(isset(etc...) // handle the form line. >if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { // Handle the form. $name2 = $_POST['name']; $email2 = $_POST['email']; $subject2 = $_POST['subject']; $comments2 = $_POST['comments']; and then change your mail code to this: >if ($name && $email && $subject && $comments) { // If everything's okay. // Register the user. $youremail = "kevin@lectric.com"; $subjectline = "New Comments from $name2"; $letter = "User $name2 sent you these comments:\n\n$subject2\n\n$comments2"; $headers = "From: $name2 <$email2>\n"; if(mail($youremail, $subjectline, $letter, $headers)){ echo '<p>Thanks You for your email. I will reply as soon as possible.</p>'; } else { echo '<p>There was an error sending the email.</p>'; } } else { // Something's not TRUE. echo '<p>Please go back and try again.</p>'; }
  12. the problem is not with the email part. if you echo the variables to the page, you will see this: >Thanks You for your email. I will reply as soon as possible. kevin@lectric.com, New Comments from 1, User 1 sent you these comments: 1, From: 1 <1> i'm still looking at the code to see why everything would be a 1.
  13. >if ($name && $email && $subject && $comments) { // If everything's okay. // Register the user. echo '<p>Thanks You for your email. I will reply as soon as possible.</p>'; } else { // Something's not TRUE. echo '<p>Please go back and try again.</p>'; } where it says //Register the user is where it was successful. so i'm assuming it would go there. >if ($name && $email && $subject && $comments) { // If everything's okay. // Register the user. $youremail = "youremail@******"; $subjectline = "New Comments from $name"; $letter = "User $subject sent you these comments:\n\n$comments"; $headers = "From: $name <$email>\n"; if(mail($youremail, $subjectline, $letter, $headers)){ echo '<p>Thanks You for your email. I will reply as soon as possible.</p>'; } else { echo '<p>There was an error sending the email.</p>'; } } else { // Something's not TRUE. echo '<p>Please go back and try again.</p>'; }
  14. chown changes the user. i have never gotten it to work and i don't know what php runs as on tch, i think it's usually 'nobody' though. but php might not be able to change the owner because it isn't the owner in the first place. from manual:
  15. Well, as interesting as your addiction to marijuana is, I think you should stick to talking about TCH, the wonderful web hosting company I make that typo all the time too
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