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  1. I belive that many of the problems I am experiencing right now with my website arise from probable conflict in nameing the files or directories. My first error was that I used the letter ñ and the system did not recognized it. Are there any specifications or max. length that files must comply to be uploaded properly into the server ? Thanks Oso
  2. AndyB, thanks for the advise. I am going to try it right now. If I change the directory's name, wouldn´t it cause problems at the server by creating a new directory ? Right now all files are under \Español, if I change it using Frontpage to \Espanol would it be creating to parallel directories at the server containing the same files ? How can I change the directory's name in Frontpage without creating havoc in name references ? Could I just rename the directory and uploaded ? Best regards Oso
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions given ! I was so frustrated with the problem that I redesigned the navigation structure using manually applied hyperlinks. I don’t think that I have committed an error making a reference, since I know so little about programming or designing web pages that I am using Frontpage as a pure point-and-click interface. Right now I am trying to understand your explanation, so you can imagine where I am in the learning curve. But, new problems have arisen. Now that I have uploaded the website for the first time, if you use MS Internet Explorer no l
  4. Hello everyone: I have been working on my first website for a couple of days and I am having a couple of problems that can not find a solution for. The problem is that every time I place a vertical button navigation bar linking same level pages, the names of the other pages appear properly in their respectives buttons, but the button that should display the name of the current page being view appears as a blank rectangle with a small red X on its corner. I will like it to show the name of the current page. Also in the navigation bar that shows same level button pages linking to th
  5. Thank you very much for your welcoming words. Now I understand how this works. I appreciate your time answering this question. Oso_Grizzly
  6. Jim: Thank you very much for your quick reply. Below is an example of what appears in cpanel under the domains/countries heading: Domains/Countries Pages Hits Bandwidth: Network | net 453 500 36.24 KB Unknown| ip 40 55 65.42 KB I just can not make it to show the country's name. What does this reports mean and what are aceceptable values for them ? Traffic Analysis For server35 Load Averages For server35 Established TCP Connections For server35 Thanks again for keeping up with another newbee.
  7. Hello everyone: I am new to the TCH familly and happy of having taken the right decision of hosting with TCH, specially for the great support group and members that it has. I have a question that will like someone to help me out with. Maybe they have been answer before, so please excuse me. I have been reading my website stats and they are confusing to me, I do not know how to interpret them or what value ranges are acceptable. Many of the terms used I do not know their meaning. For example, Are TCP connections the numbers of users online at anytime in a server ? What does the traf
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