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  1. My site has been running smoothly for a long time (10 years?). But today, we found it no longer connects to the database. Below is the code that has been in place for years. Obviously, the items are all variables and I changed the values to protect the innocent. Can anyone help me? The last thing that is hit is: echo 'Set Connection'; Which is only there to script test. Thanks! var $dbhost = 'localhost'; var $database_name = 'database_name_here'; var $dbusername = 'username_here'; var $dbpasswd = 'password_here'; function ConnectToDatabase() { /* Database Stuff, do not modify below this line */ echo 'Set Connection'; $connection = mysql_pconnect("$this->dbhost","$this->dbusername","$this->dbpasswd") or die ("Couldn't connect to server."); echo 'Select DB'; $db = mysql_select_db("$this->database_name", $connection) or die("Couldn't select database."); echo 'End'; }
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