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  1. You can create custom php.ini in your account and add this capability. To configure a site wide php.ini, create it in the root directory(/home/user/) and add the following line to .htaccess: suPHP_ConfigPath /home/user Once you have placed the php.ini as above,you can now configure browscap setting in php.ini and you can point it to the browscap.ini file on your account. Note : be sure to change "user" with correct cPanel user name.
  2. Hello, If you are still having issues, We advise you to post a ticket to our help desk, with all necessary details so that we can recreate the issue from our end and check this further. Thank you
  3. Hello Jason, Please understand that there are no immediate plans to update Apache at this time because we have to study the issue and any change we do on the server will have to carried out across all our servers. However, I have passed this along to our leadadmin/manager and we will update you once a decision has been made. Thank you
  4. This usually happens when the temporary directory used to save the uploaded attachments has incorrect ownership. Let me know your domain name so that I can have a look. Alternatively, you can submit a helpdesk ticket for the same via http://tchhelp.com/ Regards,
  5. Form mail is known to have issues and is insecure. I suggest you to use Dodos mail instead of Form mail.
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