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  1. As of 4/21, I just successfully sent mails to my RR account without getting the error message. I hope that's working for everyone else. And I hope this is the last time that we'd have to deal with that. Thanks for all the previous suggestions and help.
  2. Tech support told me that's the email they sent to. But RR even stated that they might not get to it for a while. So, keep your fingers crossed. TCH has done what they could. It's now up to RR. I have my own workarounds, but still rather annoying.
  3. I have already opened a ticket once. The response I got back was that they have tried to contact RR. And it's been a while now. But still waiting for RR's response. I guess I should send it again. This time I'll include the specific email address rather than just sending the link. I'll keep everyone posted.
  4. For those who are interested, this is the link that I got from the auto-generated email that bounced back. Mail Refused - 66.246.43 - See http://security.rr.com/mail_blocks.htm#security Security Issue - ERROR:5.7.1:550 Mail Refused - WE_NEED_THE_ACTUAL_ERROR - See http://security.rr.com/mail_blocks.htm#security This error indicates one of the following: The sending machine or network has a security problem associated with it, which resulted in the sending of unsolicited bulk mail to our subscribers or role accounts. The sending machine or network is actively attacking our mail servers (mailbomb, DoS attack, etc). The sending machine or network is located within a dynamically assigned IP address pool, and the ISP owning that pool has a stated "no server" policy. The sending machine or network is not in compliance with Road Runner's posted Inbound Sending Policies If you are blocked because of another machine on your local network segment, YOU MUST contact your provider to resolve the situation. YOUR PROVIDER should then contact us at removal@security.rr.com, so that the block can be removed. IF YOU E-MAIL TO ANY ADDRESS OTHER THAN removal@security.rr.com, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR REQUEST WILL BE ADDRESSED IN A TIMELY MANNER. IF YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER OF THE IP ADDRESS, AS DETERMINED BY ARIN OR AN ASSOCIATED IP REGISTRAR, **CONTACT YOUR ISP**. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHO OWNS YOUR IP ADDRESS, SEE THIS LINK If you believe you're permitted to run a mail server where you are, ask for clairification from your Internet provider. If your Internet provider allows you to run a mail server, THEY need to contact us and tell us that you're specifically allowed. ISP's which are blocked with this error message contact Road Runner immediately at removal@security.rr.com IF YOU E-MAIL TO ANY ADDRESS OTHER THAN removal@security.rr.com, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR REQUEST WILL BE ADDRESSED IN A TIMELY MANNER. MAKE SURE THAT YOU INCLUDE THE EXACT ERROR MESSAGE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING WHEN YOU E-MAIL US - IF YOU DON'T INCLUDE IT, YOUR MAIL WILL BE DISCARDED.
  5. Yes, that's exactly what the situation sounds like (Mike's explanation). Like I said, I didn't have that problem until recently. I can't even send mail from any of my email that has the TCH domain, to my own rr.com email. It worked just fine, until server6 has been blacklisted. I wonder if we ever gonna get anything resolved. Especially if this has been going on for a while. It's sorta cumbersome to have to use a different email account to email friends with rr.com account. Especially now that I have made everyone using email with my own domain name, which I'd think is the most permanet email address. I'm sure TCH has done all they could. It's RR that I'm concerned about.
  6. I have been using RR for a while. I just now started having that problem. I'd say within the last 4-5 weeks. My mailing list is named mailinglist@****, and therefore, and that mailinglist@**** email will show up in all the mail distribution to those signed up on the list, and since RR is rejecting that particular ****, really, it's the server6server6.totalchoicehosting.com that has the problem. The reject mail came back with a link to a site, where you can pay to be put into their white list. I wonder if TCH could do that, or would that not solve the problem. I'm not certain. I do hope that it will be pursued more aggresively, so that things would get back to normal. Clarification: When I send individual mail to those having RR.com account, I have to use my rr.com account to send to those. Anything going through TCH is bounced.
  7. I have just started having problem getting emails sent to any Road Runner email account. RR has some sort of a white list that the server is not on. I have contacted TCH technical support. They told me that they have been trying to get this resolved. In order to keep myself updated whenever this problem is resolved, I thought I'd start a new topic. So that when that does get resolved I would hear from someone. Do you share this problem? I know tech support told me I'm not the only one. If you share the same problem, let us know. My biggest problem is my mailing list. Several of my mailing list members are now unable to get their newsletter. I have to send them individual mails those member, very cumbersome. That's what mailing list is suppose to be for. I hope RR would get it resolved with TCH soon. What's your thought. I'm open to learning new things if I'm missing something. Thanks.
  8. Here're my Macs with TCH homepages.
  9. I like how AWStats look and work. But I stopped using it because I could never see the countries. All the IPs always come out unresolved. Unlike Webalizer, I can actually see the countries of where the visitors are from. I wonder if there's anything that I wasn't doing right? Or is there anything that I can do to actually have the countries show up in my AWStats? Help help.
  10. johnong

    USB problem

    I'm doubting myself for replying to this post already! And I haven't even started. This Christmas I spent lots hours trying to install a wireless network for a friend. I am a Mac OSX user, and don't know much about Windows at all. But after talking to the customer service at Linksys (USB Wireless Adapter), they told me that I need a Windows 98 SE. Yes, "Second Edition" is the key. I'm not sure if it is going to help, but it seems like you might have to upgrade your OS to at least an SE. I'm just telling you what the tech support told me. Like I said, I'm on a Mac. Good luck.
  11. Thank you all, it was fun. Especially to Head Guru for the prizes! If my week was as crazy as this week when the contest started, I wouldn't have any time to enter. Thanks Turtle and all who entered. Looking forward to seeing you all even more on here. John Ong JO http://johnong.com/
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