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  1. I'm trying to generate backups on a remote server using SCP from cPanel. Is this supported or implemented by TCH? Thanks, Richard.
  2. I've found similar behaviour without using TOAD. I can create procedures but cannot drop them except through phpMyAdmin. Is there any way to grant this privilege so I can drop tables through the MySQL command-line client "mysql"? Thanks, Richard.
  3. Hmm. But there's still this huge /home/<USER_NAME>/mail/inbox file lying around. What do I do about this?
  4. I'm going to try the "Download folder(s)" command to see if that does the trick. How do I restore folders saved in this way?
  5. I recently received the following message in my Horde web e-mail inbox: The mailbox ********** is almost full. You should remove some emails from the box as soon as possible to prevent losing any future mail. This mailbox is currently 96.12% full. What exactly does this mean? Furthermore, is there any way I can download an archive of all my old mail before I start freeing up space? Thanks, Richard.
  6. Is there any way I can access the data myself from a PHP or Perl script, for example? I would like to expose Horde's contacts and calendar data via a web interface for the purposes of collaboration across a team. Thanks, Richard.
  7. Dear All, I've been using the Horde e-mail client (IMP) and the associated contact management features for a little while and I'm quite pleased with the functionality on offer. Unfortunately I'm confused! Clearly IMP creates a bunch of mail files under /home/<accountName>/mail but I can't figure out where all the other data is stored, such as the address book, calendar and memos etc. Can somebody tell me where these items are stored? I'm guessing that they're in a MySQL database somewhere. Thanks, Richard.
  8. I've tried all these. I can successfully send mail from the Horde interface but I cannot read any incoming mail. Does anybody know where Horde saves its settings?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I've already tried that and it doesn't seem to work. Richard.
  10. Hello! I've been using the NeoMail web mail interface for a little while, but it seems to be very buggy and has a habit of trashing my messages whenever I try to move them into a new folder. Consequently, I've decided to try using a different web mail program such as Horde. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to read my inbox and I don't know how to configure it to pick up my mail. Does anybody have any experience configuring this interface? Thanks, Richard.
  11. Dear All, Currently I own five domain names. I have "starter plan" hosting for two of these domains through TCH while the other three are currently parked with the default TCH "under construction" page. I would like these three to be hosted too eventually. Could somebody summarize the pros and cons of the following two approaches? 1. PURCHASE THREE MORE STARTER PLANS: Overall I would be paying 5 x $4.00 = $20.00 a month for this. 2. UPGRADE TO A SINGLE "SIMPLE" RESELLER PLAN: This is charged at $19.99 - about the same as option (1). It seems to me that the two solutions are practi
  12. Alternatively, could you recommend a good, reliable provider who would provide such a service at a reasonable cost while allowing me to maintain my existing domain name registration with TCH? Thanks, Richard.
  13. My domain name is fromthefall.com on Server40. Thanks, Richard.
  14. That's why I was asking whether TCH had ever considered introducing a "one-page web site" hosting option to allow people who don't have a reseller account to park domains using a customizable web page. Thanks for your help, Richard.
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