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  1. "_cpanelname_database-username" Do you have that underscore at the beginning? That would cause it to fail.
  2. If you want to get really fancy, like if you intend this theme for public release and want to prevent the average user removing your credits, you can hook the wp_footer by adding to your theme's functions.php something like this: >function my_credit_links() { // your output here echo '<a href="foo">Name of theme</a>'; } add_action('wp_footer','my_credit_links');
  3. Yup, all square. The issue is resolved, due in part to that Bad Behavior hack.
  4. The help desk wasn't as helpful as I would have expected, but I got it resolved anyway. The solution was a combination of three things. 1. .htaccess needs this rule: ><IfModule mod_security.c> <Files async-upload.php> SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </Files> </IfModule> ...which selectively turns off mod_security for only the uploader. 2. wp-content must be chmod to 777. The Flash uploader uses wp-content to store uploads temporarily before moving them to whatever's consistent with the blog's user-specified upload settings. The HTML
  5. It authenticates as the appropriate WordPress user, but does not perform any other login steps. The HTML uploader works just fine with 777 permissions on the relevant folders, but the Flash uploader doesn't. I've messed around adjusting permissions on all sorts of things to no avail. I have a ticket open with the help desk. We'll see what they have to say.
  6. Thanks for the welcome, fellas. Bruce, I used to FTP all my images and other files, but the new media handling features in 2.5 are enough incentive to get me to switch.
  7. I've been working with svn and beta builds of WordPress 2.5 for a few weeks and now that it's final I have an issue. Part of the admin revamp is an all new interface for uploading images and other media. In browsers that support the feature (Firefox and Safari) a Flash-based multi-file uploader is used. In browsers that don't support the Flash uploader fully (Opera and Internet Explorer), a one-file-at-a-time HTML uploader is used. The HTML uploader works perfectly, but the Flash uploader does not. The multi-file uploading capability introduced in recent versions of Flash contains a bu
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