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  1. out (Bruce you are the (boy)scout of tch...
  2. I agree with DWD on the maturity level of that statement and how rare it is to have mature conversations and debates on-line. Most people hide behind their computer and talk trash they would never do face to face. I love these forums. That being said, think of it this way: You spend time and money on a studio, sound equipment, hours practicing, writing, singing. You make your cd. You have invested a lot of money with an expectation of a return by selling your music. Through the course of making your sales available on-line someone inadvertently made a mistake and your "music" is vulnerable to anyone who wants to download it. You have run out of money to reprogram the site and cannot afford to hire someone. You really expected a return for your investment, think about all the promotion you paid for? You've tapped out your parents. Your pregnant girlfriend gave you her last $500. Your part-time job at Taco Bell barely covers your car insurance let alone gas. You've put in over two years of hard work and passion, and over $20,000 after doing the math, just to watch your music walk out the door. Even after you politely asked people to do the right thing on your site and not steal - reminding them it's a crime and telling your sad story - they continue to download it. Sure, if you were going to spend that much time and effort you should have atleast planned out the security on your site better - but how could you? You're an artist... not a technological genius. Your parents turn their backs on you and tell their aquaintences that you are dead. Your friends stop calling. Your best friend steals your girlfriend and they raise the baby as their own. You lose your job at Taco Bell because the manager says you don't have the Taco Bell spirit anymore. Years later you are spotted selling flowers by the side of a freeway exit. You are allergic to flowers. You can't even steal thoughts and words - plagiarism. I imagine software is a bit more tangible. I'm having a lot of fun in here - you guys are great...
  3. Pidgin is great... not as much stuff to distract me like yahoo im...
  4. Thanks Zac, You always know how to keep me from enrolling in more formal education...
  5. I know what you mean Diversenz, as the newest staffer, I kept going through these forums reading tons of gushy "TCH is so Great" thinking at first it was the staff kissin' a little booty, then realized it was paying members who were going on and on about the service and support. I find it really refreshing to be part of an organization that you can really believe in. Years ago I had corporate experience and we were brainwashed to shout praises for the organization so this is really great to be part of such a loved company. And no, I'm not kissin' any booty!
  6. I owe pidgin an apology.... it didn't work for me because I touched my computer... something I really need to stop doing - between Andy and Dick we figured out I had inadvertently blocked all my users (lol) I should have investigated the problem before I said anything... my bad - sorry Pidgin! You're not a dirty bird!
  7. You can't keep using the language barrier as an excuse Andy... it's gettin' old...
  8. Hey Bruce, How do you always know when people post replies? Do you have a little bell or indicator that goes off? And if so how do I get one? And who will walk me through the set up for 3 hours (Andy has been exhausted by me for these things)... How can I have over 15,000 posts?
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