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  1. I made a file called "xalienabduction.php" which basically loads up a flash/shockwave game. After I put the HTML code on the php page and saved it, I went to edit it (this all took place in cPanel) and for some strange reason, cPanel keeps on adding this code to the bottom of the document: >Save file as: <input type=text value="xalienabduction.php" name=file> <br> <input type="submit" value="Save"> </form> </center></font></body> </html> <!---cPanel [8.5.3-STABLE_3] Copyright (c) 1997-2003 John N Koston. Licensed on server23.totalchoicehosting.com ---> ...and then the "save" button isn't there in the bottom. This is truly weird. Oh and if you're wondering, the reason I made it a PHP file rather than HTML is because I used some minor PHP code on that page to load up the header and footer HTML templates.
  2. Please disregard, I think I got it now. Thanks, Rodney
  3. Thanks for the help but I'm still not getting this. Does this mean that I have to go to my /forums directory and make a file there and call it ".htaccess"? Also, what exact code do I have to put in there? I want to make it so that when someone attempts to link an image from the /forums directory of my site to another different site, the image will not load on that site and instead show that red 'X'. What exact code would I have to put in?
  4. That's only to protect the entire site from being hotlinked. I only want to protect the /forums directory.
  5. Hello, I currently run a bulletin board (IPB) on my site and many members are requesting an "upload forum" where they can upload their images for graphics competitions. I know this will lead to a higher amount of bandwidth request so before I make this forum, I want to set my site to enable hotlink protection so that members can't link images that they uploaded on other sites. The problem is that I have certain images that I DO encourage my site members to hotlink (images that promote the site). These images are located in a completely different location from the /forums directory. When a user uploads an image, it will get saved to the following URL: www.mysite.com/forums/uploads/image.jpeg Is there a special code that I can put in my .htaccess file that will DISALLOW hotlinking images that are in my /forums directory but ALLOW hotlinking images that are outsite of the /forums directory? (like the /images directory)? Thanks, Rodney
  6. I agree, AWSTATS is the best and should be the only one there. The other web stat logs are a waste.
  7. lol, I just spoke to Mitch about it. It's all being taken care of. Thanks anyway.
  8. I sent a very important ticket to them 2 days ago and got no response yet. That's strange cause when I send support tickets to any other department I usually get a fast response.
  9. Hello, First of all, I would like to say that I'm satisified with the excellent service that TCH has to offer. The level of customer support is way above average. The hosting plans are great and the prices are even better. I just noticed today that TCH released the "Platinum Plan" which I think is very great. However, I would like TCH to release a new plan that gives little disk space but high bandwidth. If not, then TCH should offer "custom package" plans. I host two sites with TCH and one of the sites that I host is GFX related and therefore, takes up a lot of bandwidth but uses little space. I hope that my suggestion can be taken into consideration and make TCH even better than what it is today. Thank you for your time, Rodney
  10. Hello, I'm writing because I wish to know how the bandwidth statistics work. I know that they aren't displayed in real time so I was wondering how often are the bandwidth stats updated? Does it vary by site or server? Does TCH make an update every X hours? Is there a set schedule? If so, during what times are they updated? Thanks
  11. You have to change the CHMOD settings which you can do with either an FTP program or by going into the File Manager in cPanel.
  12. Hello, I have noticed that when I set my IPB to have all new members verify their e-mails during the registration process, it takes a long time for the user to receive the e-mail. Is there a way to speed up the time it takes for the user to receive their e-mail? IPB has an e-mail option page by going to ADMIN CP> BOARD SETTINGS> E-MAIL SET UP. However, I am not sure of how that works.
  13. The reviews for that book at Amazon.com aren't that great I am a COMPLETE NEWBIE to MySQL. Does anyone know of any good book that I can use along with my TCH account to take full advantage of learning MySQL?
  14. Speaking of MySQL, I only know the very basics of MySQL like creating a database, username for it, etc (like if I want to install Invision Power Board manually). What I don't know is how to use it in projects and everything else. I purchased a book called "PHP and MySQL Web Development". Well...the PHP part in the beginning was easy, but when they got to the MySQL part, they made it sound as if like I already knew a whole lot about MySQL. Does anyone know a good book I can buy that teaches MySQL to beginners? Please don't say the mysql.com manual! Thanks
  15. I don't see any time consuming task here. All the executives have to do is register to the board and then they won't have to log in cause the cookie saves all the info. Also, why not create a custom group called "executives" and create a forum only accessible by the "executives" group? You can also create a password protected forum.
  16. Congrats to TCH! Rock Sign With all the new members, I hope that the service stays the same. Once again, congrats guys!
  17. Hello, I recently installed Invision Power Board on my site about a month ago. About a week after, I successfully installed a skin that I got from invisionskins.com. Today I wanted to install a second skin. However, in order to install a second skin, I needed to make sure that my permissions for the "archive_in" directory were at 0777 (just like I did when installing the 1st skin). I changed the settings from my FTP program then later went on to the administration panel of the board. I clicked on "Import Skin Files" but the list was empty. I sat there for an hour and ended up giving permissions to practically everything, including sub directories and files. However, I noticed that when I logged out of my FTP program and logged on again, the "archive_in" directory lost all of it's chmod properties that I set. So then I changed the permissions from cPanel, but guess what? After I gave the "archive_in" directory full permissions, I logged out and back on to cPanel and the "archive_in" directory lost it's permissions that I gave it (it went back to it's original permission settings). I find this very strange because I was able to install a skin last time perfectly fine and now I can't because cPanel seems to reset my permission settings that I give out.
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