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  1. Thanks for the reply Bruce. Still no joy yet. I will try again later on today incase the server needs time to update. Regards
  2. Hi Guys, I am trying to generate a script to pipe all mail though a php script. This is so that I can check all mail to see if it is a reply from our ticket system or just someone replying to our noreply@ email address. In the cpanel I have tried using '/[uSER]/public_html/[sCRIPT].php' and '/[uSER]/public_html/cgi-bin/[sCRIPT].php' with the file in both locations but have had no joy with either of them. Am I putting the file location wrong could this be a support issue. I am getting mail delivery errors sent back with: Regards Dave
  3. I tend to create my own functions in a file that is available to all pages, something like Function MyDate() { // Creates a timestamp for a UK website on a TCH server Return date("YmdHis", strtotime("+5 hours")); } Dates are shown as 200711070900 (6th Nov 2007 9:00 am) Then when I want to display my date I use another function like Function ShowDate($ThisDate) { Return date("l jS F Y", strtotime($ThisDate)); } $Date = MyDate(); // returns 200711070900 echo ShowDate($Date); // Prints Wednesday 7th November 2007
  4. I've created a similar thing for a project on a TCH server, we call the system 'clone sites'. Now we have a folder in the root called 'clone sites' in which we include all files that are needed by the subdomains, then we place a single file called index.php in the subdomain folder, and use .htaccess to rewrite to the clone sites folder. Try this: .htaccess file index.php This should do the same job. Regards Dave
  5. Might be worth checking through your configuration on the phpbb2 admin panel. Try these: Domain name: www.yoursite.com Script path: /forums (no trailing slash) Cookie domain: www.yoursite.com Cookie name: yoursite Cookie path: / Cookie secure: Disabled Session length: 3600 Give it a try and let us know.
  6. Not sure exactly what a Treo is but does this happen for just your website or does it happen on overs as well. I think it was mentioned before that it could be an enviroment problem with sessions, I know the up to date versions of phpbb2 use session ids vigilintly. Tr another forum if you can and that should determine whether it is a browser or coding problem.
  7. I apologise if this is in the wrong section Has anyone had any experience of installing Ghostscript on a TCH server, I want to create dynamic PDF's using an HTML page generated with PHP/MySQL/Smarty. I have seen a couple of tutorials but I always get confused with the makefile stuff. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dave
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