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  1. Is there somewhere I can check when TCH have last updated things like PHP or MySQL on my server? And is there some way I can receive notifications in advance of when updates are going to happen? One of my scripts broke mysteriously last night and knowing if it was because of an update or my own fault would be really useful in helping me track down the problem.
  2. Many thanks for the clear explanation. As always TCH is an example to other hosts of how to give great customer service.
  3. My local security expert sent me this in a message this morning: Not only do affected servers need to be updated, they must have any secure certificates re-generated under safe conditions, and all user accounts reset. Reports over the past few days show that many organisations only seem to be only doing the update - leaving their customers at risk. Can you just confirm that TCH have done all parts of this and it is now safe to change our passwords.
  4. I am running Mediawiki 1.14 I want to run some of the Maintenance scripts which perform certain important administrative tasks. I would also like to run the update script to update to the most recent version of Mediawiki. But the Mediawiki manual says all these scripts should be run from the command line, which we can't do in a TCH environment. Does anyone know the best way to run maintenance scripts in the TCH environment? I particularly wish to run dumpBackup.php, refreshLinks.php and runJobs.php on a regular basis, calling them when needed. These scripts take a long time to run, so can't be called directly by PHP or they will time out. I know it should be possible to set up a Cron job to call the scripts on a schedule, but I am unfamiliar with Cron so don't know the exact commands to use. Also how do I call a one-off job like the update script? Any advice or a link to a tutorial would be most welcome.
  5. Since the upgrades, a few of my PHP scripts no longer work as expected. I have the following lines in my htaccess file >php_value date.timezone Europe/London php_value include_path .:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/home/***/php (there are other php_value statements and they have all been enclosed in <IfModule php_config> by the upgrade) In the past this enabled me to use PHP functions like strtotime() and PEAR packages in my scripts. But since the upgrade I am getting these errors: Other php_value lines are still working as expected yet these two seem to have stopped working as expected. The Numbers/Roman pear package is definitely still installed and other pear packages in other scripts in directories without this htaccess file stile work, so I am assuming it is some problem with either the include_path or the timezone or both in this htaccess.
  6. That seems to just be a 500 internal server error.
  7. MySQL does provide option for setting table specific privileges, but not available on TCH. Oh well. Thank you for your reply.
  8. I am trying to create a MySQL user with the minimum necessary privileges. The user only need SELECT privileges on the bulk of the database but they need UPDATE privileges for one table. I can't work out how to set table specific privileges in cpanel or phpMyAdmin. Is this even possible?
  9. When will we know which php5 extensions will be available? I want to start converting my scripts but I need to know how to set up my test environment. Also will we be allowed to have phpinfo() back?
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