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Trying To Get Mail Checking Script To Work


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Trying to get a script workiing that will post stories via e-mail to my drupal site (nolagay.com)


The way the script is configured, I get the following error when I check my pop3 account:


>warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {mail.nolagay.com/pop3 110}INBOX in /home/nolagay/public_html/drupal/modules/mailhandler.module on line 14.


I know I have a space before /pop3 and 110 when there should be a colon - but if I put the colon in, it just locks up and sits there indefinately. This was mainly to get a message so I'd know it was doing SOMETHING. :)


This is the code in the source:


>function mailhandler_retrieve($mailbox) {

   if($mailbox["imap"] == 1) {
     $box = "{". $mailbox["domain"] .":". $mailbox["port"] ."}". $mailbox["folder"];
   else {
     $box = "{". $mailbox["domain"] ."/pop3 ". $mailbox["port"] ."}". $mailbox["folder"];$mailbox["folder"];
   $result = imap_open($box, $mailbox["name"], $mailbox["pass"]);
   $err = "domain";
 else {
   $box = $mailbox["folder"];
   $result = imap_open($box, "", "");


I tried adding /notls after /pop3, but that didnt work either. woooot


Any ideas? I'm stumped.



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