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How Do I Pick My Keywords?

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Question: I just launched my site a few days ago and I am wondering what keywords I should target since there is such a large number of online gaming sites out there. All my games are free and use either flash or shockwave. There are 5 categories of games: action, sports, classic, shooting, and puzzle. If you need any more info on it just let me know.


Answer: First, I'd set different keywords on different pages. On the shooting page focus on shooting and on action focus on action. You want to try to catch anyone looking for shooting games as well as those looking for your overall arcade site so maximize your chances of that by customizing the keywords for each section.


Also, try to use some of the tools to see what keywords are being searched for versus which keywords are overly used. For instance, if "shockwave shooting game" is searched for pretty often and there are only a very few sites with that as their keywords then you are set. You can use words like "game" but you'd probably be so far down the list it wouldn't be pretty. I face the same thing with charterboats here in Key West - there are a bazillion of them. Find your niche.


Also check the stuff here in this forum. There are some great pinned articles as well as other useful tidbits.


Remember, think like a user - go to google and pretend you're looking for some fun small flash games like yours and put in the search. There will be a bunch so again, think like a user and imagine how to narrow the search down to exactly the kinds of games you have and go for those keywords.


(Thanks to TCH-Jim for the answer to this question!)

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