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Getting Page Rank To My Other Pages

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Hi Guys,

I'd call myself a novice webmaster (at best), and I'm up against a problem that I'm hoping one of you guys or girls out there could help me with.

I have a website that I've worked pretty hard at, and the present Page Rank on the site is a PR4. All of the other pages of the site are showing to be zero on the Google tool bar. I'm especially concerned with getting some of the page rank to disperse over to my links page so I can attract more sites to reciprocate links with.

Is there something that I could do to the <head> section of the page's html to get Google to give rank to that particular page?

I'd greatly appreciate any solid feedback.


Thanks, Matty

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Is this site on a TCH server?


If so, have you added your site to our Family Members page?


You can find out how to add your site on our Add Me to the Family Forum.


Specifically if you read the How to Add Your Site thread, you will see that a free Search Engine Rank Evaluation is offered. If you can, request this and put a note addressing 'passing PageRank throughout my site'.


We will get you fixed up :P


If you are not a family member.... why not? :D

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