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Yes, that is what I am doing.

just put a link in the top or left frame,

to the forum with the target name to what ever you made it.

So you would have a link like


<A HREF="http://yoursite.com/forum/" target="Middle">Forum</A>


in this example my middle frame, the content frame is named middle in the frame set.



sample frameset for top and left frames for links and a middle frame for content.



<FRAME NAME="Top" SRC="index_top.htm" >

<FRAMESET COLS=" 105,*">

<FRAME NAME="Left" SRC="index_left.htm" >

<FRAME NAME="Middle" SRC="index_m.htm">




Hope this helps

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I put in the first line that u had and it put a link at the top that opens a third window. I put in the second bit of info it it had an error on all 3 sections, I dont no html that well but I will keep trying with it. Is there a certain spot I should put it.



I have mixed things around a bit and got it to come up in Design mode but not in preview.

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Hi dieguy,


what Don gave you is an example of one way to do what you want which is using "frames". With frames you will end up with 4 files to make one web page. The first file is used to define the shape of the final page and identify the files to use to go into it. The other three files are the contents of each part of the page.


So using the example don started the "frameset" lines wil go into the first file and call it index.htm. Then you will need to create the 3 other files, the top part will be file "index_top.htm", the main or middle part will be file "index_m.htm", and the left side will be file "index_left.htm" .


I used this for one of my sites and you can take a look at the code to see how it works. http://www.venitsports.com/wast


Now mine is a little different than what you wanted. My top is a menu used to select a different year for the team. The left will select a different "meet" to be displayed in the "main" page. And because of the need to display multiple years (from the "top menu") and multiple pages in the Main section (from the "left menu"), I need to create 4 separate files for each year...which ends up to be a lot of similar files. :dance:


See if this helps.

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without seeing your site, we can't tell if your are using frames.

It sounded like you already had a page with frames.


the example link needs to be changed to use the frame name you are using,

if you are using frames.


Bob, has a good example of frames opening a new page in the middle or content frame.


As your forum is just another page, it can be displayed from a link in the top or left frame,

or a link in the middle frame with a target of _self


I do both with my forum



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