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Ok...this is probably a really silly question, but here goes anyway! I'm wondering how it affects computer performance to add more browsers. I'll give a few particulars:


Compaq Presario x1000 laptop

40GB HD (30.4 GB free)

512 RAM

1400MHz processor

Always running ZoneAlarm, AVG Virus Protection, PestPatrol, phpdev4.2.3


Frequent software in use:


Adobe 6.0

Dreamweaver MX

Fireworks MX


I have Mozilla and IE, but would like to try Firebird. I just don't want to bog my computer down. I runs nice and snappy right now...and I'd like to keep it that way!


Thanks for any advice. :(

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Guest schussat

Firebird is nice and lightweight, and will certainly feel faster than Mozilla. Installing it shouldn't affect your PC's performance at all -- though if you run all three at once, obviously you'll have more processor/memory/disk activity going on than if you run just one at a time. But I wouldn't expect a big hit, and I think that Firebird is a great browser.



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Tracy, I have a much older computer,

and I have four different browsers.

And now and then have them all on at the same time viewing the same site,

and I do not see any problems.


If you are not running them, they can't cause a speed or performance hit, unless they are preloading like mozilla can.

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The only reason I can think of is a disk space issue. If you are low on disk space to begin with, installing 4 browsers will eat up additional space. You will also have issues with temporary internet files due to space and this will also affect your windows swap space, which slows down your computer.

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