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Moving On From Squirrelmail - How To Customize Horde?

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Hi All,


I've been a loyal Squirrelmail user, with a custom installation, for many years now, but have decided to move on due to various factors such as mobile access, etc.


Between the two choices of Horde and Roundcube, I wanted to go for Horde because, as I understand, Roundcube next is coming sometime soon and I would like to spare my (older) users another getting-used-to experience. Also, Horde is optimized for mobile access it seems.


With my existing Squirrelmail installation I had quite a few plugins that made my life easier - I cannot seem to find (most probably looking for wrong keywords?) how to install plugins and other customizations for Horde so would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Things I would be interested in doing:


- having a custom picture visible somewhere on the main screen eg with a logo

- having a custom link to another webpage on the main screen

- being able to download email from email servers via POP3

- auto BCC function

- a login alias

- choosing where to file on send

- spellcheck

- various identities

- synchronizing calendar entries with my NAS, which uses CalDAV


It may be that some of these are stock features of Horde.


Also - how easy is it to install Horde? Squirrelmail I copied to a public html folder and pointed my browser at to install (well, more or less), but I read about how Horde requires Pearl or something like that?


Grateful for any pointers!

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