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Setting Up Forwarders


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What is a Forwarder?

Once a forwarder is set up, it can be used to automatically forward mail sent to one e-mail address to another. Say I set up a forwarder for work@mysite.com and wanted it to go to mitch@mysite.com I would set up a forwarder to deliver all mail from work@mysite.com to be delivered to mitch@mysite.com. You can also set it up to forward from more than one account. I could have work@mysite.com and play@mysite.com both set up as forwarders, so they any mail delivered to them would be sent to mitch@mysite.com. This will save you from having to set up 10 or 12 e-mail accounts if you are the one handling all of the departments of your web site. To set this up, login to your cPanel then in the box titled "E-mail" look for a link titled "Forwarders". Click that link, then you are ready to configure an e-mail forward of your very own!


How do I configure a Forwarder?

Configuring a forwarder is easier than you might think! Once you clicked the link I talked about above, then you should be lead to a page with the message, "Forwarding Maintenance" where it would then list your current forwarders.


To set up a new forward, all you need to do is click the link that says, "Add Forwarder". From here you see three boxes, with the one in the middle listing your domain name. Do not get scared, we are half way through this! In the first box (the one furthest to your left) put in the first part of the e-mail address you want to be the filter. (from my example, that would be "work") The second box lists the prefix of the e-mail address, it should be alright to keep it as is. (from my example, that would be "mysite.com") In the last box, you put in the address you wish for this forwarder to direct all the e-mail to. (from my example, that would be "mitch@mysite.com") When you are finished, click "Add Forwarder" and you have done it! Good for you!


How do I delete or remove a Forwarder?

All you need to do to get rid of your forwarder, is to login to your cPanel, click the "Forwarders" link under "E-Mail". Once you are in the "Forwarding Maintenance" screen, click the delete button next to the forwarder you wish you remove or delete. That's it!

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