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Perl Scripts Stopped Functioning

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Hi! I've had my website, flyingmoose.org, on R2D2 at TCH since 2008. Most of my pages have a Server-Side Include embedded near the bottom, and these call Perl scripts in my public_html/cgi-bin directory - usually to do simple things like keep count of page accesses, but a few of the scripts are more complex (such as an Error 404 page-generator).


I noticed recently that the page-counters weren't showing any progress, and today realized that's because all the CGI scripts have stopped working. In place of the Perl script's output, all I have now is the message "[an error occurred while processing this directive]".


Today I replaced one of the more common scripts in my cgi-bin with a simple script which does nothing but print a line of output, and gave it very broad permissions. It gave the same error.


Nothing else has changed on my end, and an e-mail sent by one of the scripts shows they were working as recently as 25 July. Has there been a configuration change on R2D2 which would explain this? In any event, any suggestions for how to fix it?




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That time frame matches our recent PHP/Apache version and security updates, see the notice at http://blog.totalchoicehosting.com/2014/07/php-updates/


I will advise our team to review this server to see if there are any out of standard changes, but your scripts should now be working. I have added "Options +Includes" to allow your site the proper permissions to execute your cgi scripts with the the current setup. Please check it out and let us know if you need any further assistance.

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That was incredibly fast. :) Yes, "+Includes" seems to have made everything happy and working again. Thank you!

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