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Blacklist Not Working


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Hi, I don't know much about scripting or stuff. I just use the straight-up Spam Assassin configurations. I have set my required score at 0 which seems to have killed almost all spam. There are a very few that come in under the radar, but I don't want to set my score any lower for fear of blocking legitimate emails. So for those few that have made it through (almost always non-Us), I have used the ripe database to find the IP number and an address to send the spam notification to. So anyway, one of the spams that fly under my radar are coming from - - I have blackilsted it as 5.39.121.***. I just got another spam from within that IP range. Why didn't blacklist stop it? Once again, I am not a scripter, so unless you told me how to script in a step-by-step basis, I wouldn't be able to do it. I am just wondering how this passed my blacklist . At this time, the only spam I am getting is coming from that IP range. I would like to kill it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Please try account level filtering. You can access it via cPanel > Account Level Filter (under the 'Mail' category).

You want to 'Create a New Filter' from there using the following technique:

Using as an example.

Any Header, 
Matches Megex,

Discard Message

Please also see the attached imagine


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