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Site Now "forbidden" 403 And Other Strange Ness.


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Hey Guys... I need some help, and thought I'd ask here before submitting a ticket.


I upload pics to my site, and keep them in the www/revfan.com/images/ folder. When ever I need a quick reference to an image I have, I just plug




into my browser and go find the pics I want.


within the last week or so, when I put that in and "go" I have been getting a 403 forbidden era... and tonight, when I plugged it in... I am getting asked for my home wireless routers password...


Have I been hacked?


Also, some of my individual images, when I put their location in the address bar, are getting rerouted to






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Sorry for the inconvenience, however we have fixed the issue now.


Please note that this was because a recent security updates pushed on the server - and by default the folder will show 404 on browser if the index file is missing. This additional security feature has been excepted for your account now.

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