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Changing Email Account From Imap To Pop

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One of my clients setup their email as IMAP, which is taking up too much disk space (at 500MB so far) so I want them to change the account to POP.


Questions on this:


1. Should they delete the IMAP account on their computer then set up the account again as POP? Or do they just modify the settings of the exiting IMAP account to change it to POP?


2. When they do the above, will the new account then download all the messages on the server? (Or are they already on the computer via IMAP - I am not clear whether IMAP really stores copies of email on the computer or not).


3. Will IMAP sent messages be lost (on the server) or will they remain there? Again, if they already downloaded to the computer via IMAP then not an issue.


Thanks for any advice.



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1. When I did it, I just edited the settings instead of deleting the account and re-adding it.


2. Depends on the client whether the the messages will download but if they don't they should be able to force them down.


3. Again, depends on the email client. To be safe I would copy them into another folder before changing the settings.

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