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  1. Thanks! I have a reseller plan and it has PHP Select (on the individual CPanel for each account). I have been here since 2008 and very happy. I am directing a friend here to get his own plan so wanted to know for him. Thanks! Rick
  2. Do all your plans include PHP Select in CPanel? Reason I ask is I need to transfer a Drupal 6 site here that does not work with PHP higher than 5.3 (so I need PHP 5.3). Thanks, Rick
  3. Does this change the schedule of this https://forums.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?showtopic=43373 which stated "We will be starting the move after 11pm on May 30, 2013." ?
  4. One of my clients setup their email as IMAP, which is taking up too much disk space (at 500MB so far) so I want them to change the account to POP. Questions on this: 1. Should they delete the IMAP account on their computer then set up the account again as POP? Or do they just modify the settings of the exiting IMAP account to change it to POP? 2. When they do the above, will the new account then download all the messages on the server? (Or are they already on the computer via IMAP - I am not clear whether IMAP really stores copies of email on the computer or not). 3. Will IMAP sent messages be lost (on the server) or will they remain there? Again, if they already downloaded to the computer via IMAP then not an issue. Thanks for any advice. Rick
  5. I had this problem and think I know fix so thought I would post here. In the past, to backup I login to CPanel, click phpMyAdmin, and get logged right into that - - then take a DB dump (I do not trust only having a CPanel DB dump). That has not been working lately and phpMyAdmin asks for a user/pass (the DB user/pass, not CPanel) It turns out that whatever new version of phpMyAdmin is using now does not like CPanel passwords previously generated by CPanel due to special characters. I changed CPanel password using a new CPanel generated password and phpMyAdmin likes it OK now. I only tried this so far on one site, but assuming this works for all. Thought people would want to know. While here, if anyone has latest-greatest way to auto backup mysql db (and perhaps files) to another remote location, please let me know. My manual backups to local are tedious. Thanks, Rick
  6. I have read that this TiGER-M@TE hack (which has been around for a while, unless this one is different) changes CPanel passwords and gets in that way. However, my CPanel passwords do not seem to be changed. I did change the one for my main account to protect WHM. If you can update us at some point on whether we should change all our CPanel passwords due to this, would appreciate. Thanks.
  7. I had 6 of my sites hacked and fixed them myself with re-uploading index.php and removing index.html. So far no more sites hacked or re-hacked. I notice various folder names have today's date, which worried me but I do not see anything inside them modified (so far). I see this hack is not new: http://randombits.wo...nda.com/node/20 I should note I am on Portland (
  8. Thanks for response Bruce. This is a Drupal site. What I did was disable modules one by one (directly via the database, since I could not get to the web admin interface) and when I disabled the "Weather" module (shows local weather on the website) everything came back fine. I don't know if running over disk quota had any effect on what happened with that module, or if it was just a coincidence that it happened at same time, but anyhow all good. It is scary when a good backup doesn't seem to fix the problem! I should knwo this but do you keep individual backups of each Cpanel account (e.g. each of my reseller websites) that you can restore if I ask?
  9. A Drupal site of mine was running fine yesterday. This morning 1am got message that "The account with the username 'xxxx' is running out of disk space. Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota. This account has used 99.09% (99.09 Megs) of its allocated disk space." I increased disk quota for that account but site having "MySQL gone away" error. The database checks out OK using check and repair. I restored a 10/31 backup (SQL Dump) to a new database I created (so as not to delete the other) and changed Drupal settings file to use that but did not help. I also restored entire site with files to a subdomain but still not working. Site very, very slow to load then finally shows some of home page but with many MySQL gone away error messages. Site was working fine yesterday. Seems like restore from 10/31 should have fixed if anything had been corrupted. Ideas?
  10. The real problem with this is mobile phones, which do not filter spam like computers do (Outlook/Thunderbird/etc.). I am working with a client to route his email through Gmail (forward email hosted at TCH to his Gmail account and just use that) as Gmail's spam filtering is very good. I still don't understanding why Spam Assassin is not stopping more. I set it way down to 1 and still not stopping anything. That doesn't make sense.
  11. Just posting here that I have the exact same problem. Applecore server. One of my clients is getting 80-100 spams a day not matter what I set Spam Assassin to or filters I apply. Spam Assassin seems to have become useless.
  12. I am working on a client's new site who will keep DNS elsewhere, with MX Record pointing to their current email provider, and the A Record will eventually be pointed to the new site, which I hope to host at tch. My question is this: Do I need a plan that has it's own IP address in order to point the A Record to it, or is there a way to point an A Record to a site at TCH that does not have a unique IP address. Sorry I am not real swift on how DNS works.
  13. I have a client who tells me that their current site has 6,000 - 9,000 visits and 30,000 – 36,000 page views per month and a new site I am building for them will be hosted at tch. The plans are sized by GB of bandwidth and disk space. Do you have some kind of chart to help determine what plan would sized correctly by visits and pages views? I am not so concerned with bandwidth but with performance. Not much media files - just pages served PHP/MySQL (a Drupal site). I know this "depends" but any help woudl be appreciated.
  14. Yes that is exactly what I want to do. I thought I had to create the email account in order to forward it and didn't realize I could forward withouts creating it first. Thanks!
  15. In setting up email fowarders in CPanel there does not seem to be an option for discarding email after forward. If I forward 'me@****' to 'me@gmail.com', for example, I don't want the inbox for 'me@****' to fill up. Is there a way to: A. Discard after forward? or B. Clean out the inbox automatically every so often? Thanks, Rick
  16. Thanks Bruce, That's good to know that I can alter max file size without having to get into php.ini. I have now narrowed it down to be due to the pixel size, not file size. I had set max pixel size (in Drupal) as 1600, so I was not surprised to get an error message, but would have expected some kind of friendly Drupal error message, such as "you've exceeded the maximum allowable dimensions of 1600 x 1600" not the message I got, which looked more like a PHP/server message. Trying to figure out why (in Drupal) that happened. Anyhow, thanks again.
  17. I have a Standard Reseller account with about 15 small sites on it. Almost all of the sites are Drupal sites - fairly memory intensive (32MB is recommended) - thought again they are very small, low traffic sites. On one of them, I am getting this error when uploading images: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 10368 bytes) in /home/ethnicne/public_html/includes/image.inc on line 308 The file I was uploading was a JPG image, only 607KB - not that big. Searching Drupal forums says this is due to memory limits on the server. But I see memory limit is 32MB which should be enough. Questions: 1. Any ideas? 2. Any way to get more memory (even at additional cost)? Thanks, Rick Update: I think the issue is not with file size but with pixel size - still looking into....
  18. Thanks for the info - that is helpful. The only email problem I have ever had with TCH email is an email client it occasionally asking for username and password. Sometimes it seems to like this as a username: user@domain.com and sometimes it likes this: user+domain.com And sometimes neither worked. I believe this is usually when using Mail on a Mac. But its an intermittent and not huge problem.
  19. I agree completely. I was browsing the forum to check out email complaints as I am thinking of going with TCH for all my clients, but want to make sure email is bulletproof. Any update on this. How are you (and others) thinking about TCH email at this point?
  20. Perfect! I should have seen that myself in WHM but did not notice the "Park a domain" link and the whole DNS functions section. Thanks, Rick
  21. Thanks Andy, Drupal reads the domain of the URL, but not folders: www.domain.com, sub1.domain.com, sub2.domain.com, sub3.domain.com, etc. NOT www.domain.com/folder. What I am wanting to do is have all subdomains of a certain domain pointing to the same place: public_html (public_html/index.php) I guess this is really parking of the subdomain(s) onto the domain. When you create a subdomain in CPanel, it creates a folder under the domain and points the subdomain to that folder. Normally, that is fine, but in this case that is not what I want to do. I am not sure redirect is the best way to do that. Does that leave the URL intact (e.g. does redirect of ‘sub1.domain.com’ to ‘domain.com’ leave ‘sub1.domain.com’ as the URL? ). Also, to redirect for every single page request sounds like extra overhead – or is that not a big deal? Any ideas? Thanks, Rick
  22. I want to do this exact same thing. I have a simple reseller account. I want all of these to point to root (www): www.domain.com www.sub1.domain.com www.sub2.domain.com www.sub3.domain.com etc... If you are wondering why, I am using Drupal and it can do multiple sites (with the same Drupal install) in the same WWW by reading the URL and pulling in a different settings file. Thanks, Richard Hood
  23. I am considering hosting a site on my account that may be prone to attacks by hackers. The site is an Indymedia site (http://wmass.indymedia.org/) that I want to move from the existing server to a Drupal site hosted here. Because Indymedia can be pretty left wing, I believe it is subject to hacking attacks all the time (although the current site has not have a problem on over a year). I am not worried about that site going down, but I am worried about how it might effect other sites on my account. I can't imagine why it would, unless a DOS attack were done, or some other attack that would effect the whole server, not just the code in this site - but I doubt that would happen. Should I be worried about this?
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