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Need Help With .htaccess File Access And Direct To Single .php Before

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Dear gurus


I have a website of my music band and we share our sample music .mp3 on the site. My question is how do I deny the direct access www.example.com/song.mp3 and whever user access the .mp3 link will redirect them to a single page www.example.com/download.php and force them to read our download term with a check box before proceed download the file.


Please help. I been searching high and low for this solution and found none :)

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Personally I would store all the files in a directory with an htaccess using the single line "deny from all". Then I would just give my links out as example.com/download.php?song=some.mp3. Doing so in this manner would completely eliminate the direct access and depending on your download script, possible hide the actual file path.

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You would just create a file named .htaccess in your mp3 dir and add the following line to that file.

>deny from all


As for your download script, that is all going to depend on how you choose to code it and what scripting language you choose.

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