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Mediawiki Maintenance Scripts

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I am running Mediawiki 1.14


I want to run some of the Maintenance scripts which perform certain important administrative tasks. I would also like to run the update script to update to the most recent version of Mediawiki. But the Mediawiki manual says all these scripts should be run from the command line, which we can't do in a TCH environment.


Does anyone know the best way to run maintenance scripts in the TCH environment? I particularly wish to run dumpBackup.php, refreshLinks.php and runJobs.php on a regular basis, calling them when needed. These scripts take a long time to run, so can't be called directly by PHP or they will time out.


I know it should be possible to set up a Cron job to call the scripts on a schedule, but I am unfamiliar with Cron so don't know the exact commands to use. Also how do I call a one-off job like the update script? Any advice or a link to a tutorial would be most welcome.

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To run the one-off script you can open a ticket with the help desk and ask them to run it for you. The other scripts should be easily set up as cron jobs. It's not difficult to set up a cron job in cPanel. If you have trouble the help desk can assist you with it.

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