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Disclaimer And Topic Guidelines

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By downloading software provided through links in this forum, you understand and agree to the following:


1. All suggested softwares are provided without warranty or endorsement by TCH. Use at your own risk. TCH will not be responsible for any issues resulting from the download, installation or use of the software through thses links.


2. TCH is not responsible for supporting, nor will they provide support for any download software available though a link here. Repeat: NO SUPPORT. Feel free to discuss issues with other users in the forum.



When making a suggestion, please include the following:


Title of Software

Purpose/Function/Description of software

Category (Games, Web Design, Utility, etc.)

Rightful owner of software (a link to their site would be nice)

Cost of software: Freeware, Shareware, Trial, etc and $US


Please include a description of what you like about the program/software.

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