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I´ve been here on TCH for a while now and I like to know where I´m staying for a while and Rock Sign and it doesn´t seems like TCH is going away somwhere :D so is there anywhere I can pre-pay the rent for my home for another year?

Ok, I´m not saying I´m open up my wallet YET, but if there´s an option for this, I would atleast consider it and I think I just said what what I think the people in both TCH and this forum.

If this option isn´t available, please don´t steal my seat cause I intend to stay for a long time. :dance:

Enough of nice words... :huh:


My second thing in this message is "What do I need to do to make the mail not get stuck in webmail"? I have set up netscape to pick it up, but when I look in webmail it is still there and I thought it was deleted from servers/webmail when picked up by netscape.


Be safe everyone.



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I don't know for sure but I imagine you can renew for another year.


Open your netscape mail client>>click 'Mail and Newsgroups Account' settings.


Under 'Server Settings' untick the option "Leave Mail On Server" if you haven't already done so.

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