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7 Year Anniversary

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This week I have my personal 7 year anniversary with TCH.

During that time we have had quite a journey together.


I wanted to let you know that I am still in love. No 7-year itch here.

Our commitment stands as strong today has it did the day were were joined.

Thank you for a wonderful 7 years!


- Samantha




Oh...by the way, a couple days ago,on my own forum (hosted here on TCH server) I was asked for a host recommendation.

This is what I said:


Just wanted to let you know that my hosting company does not have FTP without an upgrade and I don't think I want to do that now. Can you suggest another hosting company that is a litlle more user friendly.


Yes. I have dealt with many hosts.

So far, in my 10 years experience with my own sites, my employer's sites, friends and clients sites....I have to say that TCH is still my favorite and I plan to keep samisite and the forum here indefinitely.

Here's a few of my reasons for staying with and recommending my host: TotalChoiceHosting.com

1) cost ($4/mo or $44/yr) Everyone can afford this level.

2) plans fit real site needs! Even the starter plan looks tiny but it is bigger and better than you think. Check out lambertusa.com to see what can be done with a storage space of this size!

About a 100 page site with Hundreds of downloadable pdf files. Password protected directories

3) They do not promise UNLIMITED bandwidth/storage because they do not over sell the servers. They maintain fixed limits and this keeps EVERYONE's website up and running.

3) The TCH host Control panel is one of the best in the industry: cPanel. The only other that I have worked with that is as loaded is PLESK. cPanel puts ALL your controls for the site in one place. Many hosts (godaddy, and others) have a mis-mash of screens.

4) TCH also INCLUDES a HUGE number of things that webmasters need but are usually considered as add-ons! All the plans include REAL benefits like FTP, email (POP and webmail with calendar, cgi-bin, shopping cart software, password protection, more... Why should you pay extra to have basic needs like FTP? And Statistics! Gracious AWStats gives wonderful information and stores it as long as you have the account with TCH! I have years of data about samisite. Most hosts either do not offer stats or give a weaker package. Even the free counters like statcounter.com limit the amount of data they store on your behalf before they charge you.

5) They maintain clean servers that are stable, with good uptime, lots of backups, support is ticket system, through Instant message and other ways. No 24 hour phone but I do not find this a bad thing. In all the years I have used TCH, I have only had to call TCH twice! The ticket and other support options have been excellent for me.

6) They have an extensive forum for community and guidance.

7) No ads. TCH does not bombard you with constant ads, spam emails, notification that features require upgrade! GoDaddy may be cheap on the surface, but you pay extra for every little feature and it is not a good value! SPAMMY!

and there are more reasons....


If you want an ONLINE site builder, they don't offer it.

But I never recommend you use one of those anyway.

If you build a site with one of them you are STUCK at that host and can not move your pages to another host.

Better to use your own software and FTP pages to the site.

Hosting gets sluggish, non-responsive support, etc, you can move your site to another host easily!

The lambertusa.com website did not start at TCH. It was moved to TCH when the old host could not meet the needs of the growing site. Based on high reputation and personal recommendation, I moved that site, saved a lot of money and have NEVER regretted that decision!

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I honestly appreciate the service, the consistency, the people and the options that TCH offers.

This place IS unique.


You guys make me look like a hero time and time again.

Besides the site being consistently avaiable, having the options that I now take for granted (and shouldn't), TCH is easy to justify from a business perspective.

Every three months or so, we get solicitations from phone services that want to wrap our website hosting into the package, promising to save us lots of money. Each time, t has been quite easy to defend my choice of TotalChoiceHosting.com to the owner and sales reps. In fact, most of the sales reps for these companies do not believe that we can have all the services I recite for only $44/year and demand that I show them the chart of services/hosting plans.


It's easy to recommend TCH for soooo many reasons. I listed only a few. :thumbup1:

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