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Cannot Install Fp Server Extentions


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Once again I am having problems with the Front Page Server Extensions on one of the sites I have on a resellers account.


When I try to publish from front page I get a standard error message that the extentions are not installed


When I go to cpanel and do the remove reinstall thing I get an error message saying there is something wrong with my .htaccess file.


I have had this problem several times in the past, always required a new line in the .htaccess file, but have lost my notes, and since I have never been able to do compound searches on TCH am unable to find the hint about to once again fix it.


Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated, and I really suggest that TCH put this one in the FAQ area, pretty sure that others have this problem, seems to be caused when something gets changed on the servers.


And yes I could work around this by using FTP, or even using GoLive rather than FP. Even though FP is older than the hills around us, I continue to use if for simple stuff because it is so simple to use, at least when I don't have this problem/

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