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Migrate Using Cpanel

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I have read (elsewhere) incomplete comments about using cPanel to migrate (WordPress in this case) from one server to another, and where, as on TCH, both source and destination are accessed by cPanel how this is done in one move. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?


Thanks, and pardon if I failed to find this in my searches.

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I have never heard that you can do it through cpanel, but the help desk can move it from server to server for you.

Or you can download the files and the database to your own computer and then upload it to the other server.

In both cases, don´t forget to make the necessary changes in the wp-config file.

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As Thomas said, TCH support can often do the transfer for you, but they have to initiate it from TCH, and there are some circumstances where the configuration of the other server won't allow it. In that case, you can do part of it yourself. It is basically the same, except you initiate it at your old host.


Doing it from cPanel transfers the whole site, all of it, not just, for example, the WordPress installation, so it's basically for if you are moving or copying from the previous host to TCH.


It's been a while since I did this, so use your judgment about whether it seems like you're seeing what I describe.


On the old server, go to cPanel > Backups.

Click "Download or generate a full web site backup".

Backup destination will be one of the "FTP" options. Passive mode is for if the transfer fails due to blocking by a firewall.

It looks like Remote Server will be the FTP address of your TCH server: ftp: // yoursite.com (without the extra spaces)

Remote user is your TCH userID.

Remote password is your TCH cPanel/FTP password.

Port is 21. This is the standard FTP port.


I'm not sure what Remote Dir should be. Hopefully someone else can comment.

The choices are probably something like:

/ or blank (for your home directory)

public_html or /public_html or /public_html/ for public_html

It probably doesn't matter where you send the file because it can always be moved to a different folder after the transfer. I'm just not sure about the notation to use.


A giant compressed .gz file will be transferred to your new TCH site. It contains your entire website, including files, databases, email addresses and configurations, email filters, etc.


Log into your cPanel at TCH and use FileManager to find the transferred file. Note its name.

Then file a support ticket at TCH. I believe it requires a system admin to properly unzip the file and use it to create your website. Tell them the location and name of the .gz file. When they did this for me, the transfer went flawlessly.


Do go through your config files carefully, though. For example, every reference to the userID you had at your old host may need to be changed to your TCH userID (in any location where that didn't happen automatically).

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The procedure I described is for transferring an entire website to a new server that doesn't yet have a website installed on it.


Do you already have two fully configured and functioning websites, and you only want to copy your WordPress installation from one to the other? The procedure for that would be different.


WordPress consists of a set of files (the WordPress PHP program and configuration files) and also a MySQL database. The files and the database are separate things stored in two different places, so you'd have to move them separately.


Even if you might technically be able to do that directly from cPanel, the procedure would probably be way more complicated than it's worth. It's easier to use the procedure Thomas described: download the files and database to your PC and then upload them to your new server.


On your old server, go to cPanel > Backups and download to your PC a backup of your WordPress MySQL database.

On your new server, go to cPanel > Backups and upload the database backup you just got.


Then you'll need to transfer the WordPress program and configuration files.

You could probably use FTP to download the entire contents of the WordPress directory from the old site and then upload it all to the new site, but you'll need to carefully revise your configuration files for the new server.


What I would probably do instead is download the latest WordPress version from the WordPress site, and install it fresh on the new server. There might be a time during the installation where you have to tell WordPress to use your old existing database rather than create a new one. I can't be very specific about what the installation will be like, as I've never used WordPress.

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