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  1. Thank you Dick for your explanation to pensandbeetles as I also look toward doing the same. One step (a big, multi-step) I don't see you suggest is after using Softaculous or similar to create a new WP site the copying of the relevant pages from the old site into the newly installed WP. Would that be "nearly" as simple as that sounds? Or is there another technique to get the old pages into the new site? edit = typo
  2. Using cPanel > phpMyAdmin to list databases and then tables of one specific database - it is listed as a database but it contains no tables. Why? The website displays with Twentytwevle-child theme (no alterations as yet). WordPress 4.6.1 admin dashboard sees everything it should and is able to edit as per normal. Why is the database empty? Thank you.
  3. Thanks Bruce that sounds helpful. Also, thanks Asher for the asking, I may be in a position to do similar. Is it correct then that one creates an empty database? Then backs up the existing/working SQL database into a folder (home directory)? Then asks for the Help Desk to load the backup into the new empty database? Then create a subdomain and user to use the new database? Somewhere here ask Softaculous to load Wordpress into the subdomain. That will give a working copy of the existing website? Or is there something else I fail to see? Thanks! Phil
  4. We have been showered, or sprinkled, with articles Re: the new ICANN TLD .scot. This should prove popular here in Scotland - to me for one user. Is it known when and if TCH will offer this - and are any details known? Thanks.
  5. Been happily running WP for awhile but was happy to leave the version sitting on 2.8.4. Noting the upgrades over the intervening period I always hesitated - BUT it all seems to work, so I never did upgrade. The question is will I experience a mess if I attempt to go from 2.8.4 to 3.3 all in one jump? Is it right that the cPanel, Backup should be used to backup, locally, the entire public_html folder; then the SQL database; then any odds like forwarders. I'm not sure if it is the whole root that is backed up or just the public_html folder. Is it likely that this backup will restore out of any mess which might occur? Thanks very much. Hope you all are experiencing a peaceful festive season.
  6. Thank you - the referred link is very helpful.
  7. muymalestado

    Suphp ?

    Looking at WordPress upgrading recommendations I see this suPHP thing mentioned - is it mandatory or just a like-to-have? Thank you. Phil
  8. Same "(using password: YES)" error with Fantastico. Same solution, raise a ticket. Same result in 15 minutes - it all works fine. Thank you.
  9. Same original 500 Internal Server Error problem occurred today. After reading here I raised a ticket. The response was prompt. The site is accessible again. Thanks TCH.
  10. My WP 2.8.4 is getting further out of date - it still works very well - so I wonder if the offered automatic upgrade to WP 3.0.1 will run without hitch. I have regular manual backups of the WP files and the database and the forwarders, but have never tried to re-construct the site, so I am not on sure ground as to disaster recovery. The query is - is the upgrade worth it? Thank you.
  11. A good few of us watching to see if 2.9 is worth it. 2.8.4 here and all is well.
  12. Phew! Thanks SteveW. What you say makes sense. Now, does that fit with the transfer I envisage?
  13. I have read (elsewhere) incomplete comments about using cPanel to migrate (WordPress in this case) from one server to another, and where, as on TCH, both source and destination are accessed by cPanel how this is done in one move. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks, and pardon if I failed to find this in my searches.
  14. Many thanks Dick. I asked out of bewilderment. I found the answer is to physically create the wp-content/uploads folder which wp has as the default upload location and which captcha uses. Once that folder exists (with permission 777) all works well.
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