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Xidth And Xeight


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I was looking at the source of an email. A newsletter to be precise, and came upon "xidth= and xeight=". I've never seen these before nor could I find anything on the web. I tried changing them to width & height and it did change the layout. I found them in a table layout as follows (truncated):


><td colspan="3" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> 
		<font face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="-1" color="#5975C8">
				<img src="http:##www.somesite.com/newsbanner.jpg" alt="banner" xidth="600" xeight="60" border="0"><br>


Just curious. :)



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There is no such thing as xeight and xidth as far as I know. You say you changed them to width and height and it did change the layout, how about if you removed them completely? If you remove them and the layout does not change then they are invalid properties and aren't doing anything. The reason changing them to width and height would change the layout is because then you are applying valid width and height properties to an image without any width and height currently set.

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I hadn't thought of eliminating them. Sure enough, it did NOT affect the table, which makes sense. Incidentally, the actual image height is larger than what's declared in "Xeight". (which I didn't catch last night)


Thomas - I didn't understand any of the search results either :)

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