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Reallyfunarcade.com <please Add..thanks


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link: http://www.reallyfunarcade.com


title: ReallyFunArcade.com Free Online Games


description: A plethora of free online games.


Rank Evaluation please!!! thanks!!!

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free online games

free online arcade games

free online arcade

free internet games

free internet arcade games



thanks for the help!!

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Actually, your best phrases would be (in order):


'free online games', 'online games', 'free internet games' with 'free games' being 10 times more popular then 'free internet games'. This is based on 'actual' searches.


Having that said:


1. Title


Free online games from ReallyFunArcade.com


2. Description


Free online games from Really Fun Arcade .com is your source for free Internet games.


3. Keywords


free online games,online games,free internet games,reallyfunarcade.com


4. How about changing your 'Welcome' alt tag to:


Welcome to free online games, part of the Really Network


5.Change 'ReallyFunArcade.com is YOUR source for FREE online games!!!'


to an <h1> tagged line that reads 'Free online games... ReallyFunArcade.com is YOUR source!!'


6. Would love to see your links changed to 'free....' (e.g. Action Games to Free Action Games, etc.) This may require you to use a smaller font but it would be well worth it (change the link title too).


7. Get other pages (with good PageRank) to point to your site. I know there are a slew of sites that list 'free' content, that would be a good start but do discriminate (refer to past threads on linking).


Well there is your lucky baker's half-dozen... good luck :)

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one more quick question...in the keywords at the top...do i put anything extra for the other pages? like would i add "action games" for the action games section?

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Every page should have a unique title and meta tags... specific for that page. In other words, you optimize each page. Therefore, I would focus on 'free action games' (i.e. in title, keywords, description, header, etc.).


Make sense?

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yes indeed....do i optimize all the pages down to the game pages themselves? or just down to the main sections?

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