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Creating New Wp Site From Previous Backup?

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Hi everyone,


I checked the forums for an answer but didn't see anything. I customized a WordPress template, etc., along with additional plug-ins, etc., and I've done a complete backup of the site. I'd like to use the same design and plug-ins for a different site. I saw during the backup process that I can use the archive file to move the installation to another server (still TCH!!! :) ), but I'm not sure how to do that. Can anyone advise?


Short of that, is there a way I can "swap" server space for two of my domains? In other words, can I assign the existing account (and WP installation) to a different domain, and this existing domain with the other?




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If you submit a ticket, the techs should be able to do this easier than using your downloaded backup file I think.


They should be able to either swap the domain names for the accounts or transfer the files back and forth between the accounts.

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