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Wp And Nextgen Plug-in

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I am playing around with Wordpress and I am trying to set up a plug in called NextGen- it is a plug in for a photo gallery. I have it installed and activated, and I have uploaded photos. The photos can be viewed.


The problem is this: the plug-in will create thumbnails, but when I attempt this I get this error message:



Error : Exceed Memory limit. Require : 42.13 MByte


Searching the WP forums, it seems that this is a function of a memory limitation on my domain (for example).


Anyone have any idea what this means, and if there is a work around (for example, a way to raise memory limitation), other than reducing size of image file (that has been suggested on the wp forum)?

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i tryed to add this line to .htacces. but then i just go a 500 internal server error on my page.


Same problem as his. Anyone who can help me?


Thanks :)


Depending on your server setup you may need to open a ticket for this change.


Alternatively you can try one of the following:


-If the issue is with NextGEN then uncomment(remove //) the line @ini_set('memory_limit', '128M'); in /plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/gd.thumbnail.inc.php


-If the issue is WordPress in general then add the line @ini_set('memory_limit', '64M'); to wp-config.php right after <?php

(adjust amount as needed)

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