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Can't Access My Wordpress Site


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When I attempt to go to my site this is what it says for both Admin and Index.


The e-mail could not be sent.

Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function...



That's all that is there. I made no changes to the site today and it was up before noon Central. Help?

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What I found was a comment were the user had entered their email with more than one @ sign. Upon removing this comment the error went away and your blog loaded fine. I then created a test comment with an incorrectly formatted email address and the error returned.


I attempted to duplicated this on my site with a new version of Wordpress but was unable to enter an incorrectly formatted address due to Wordpress' address validation. It appears you are using an older version of WP that does not check for a valid email address and allowed this bug to occur.


Your site is now working fine but I would strongly recommend updating to the latest version to prevent any further issues. If that's not immediately possible due to modifications/template changes you have made, I would at least look into correcting the email address validation.

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