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Fav.ico Icons

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Does anyone else have difficulties with desktop icons of web sites they add as shortcuts on their desktops? The desktop shortcuts on my XP Home PC will sometimes revert back to the general "e" icon.


For my own web site, I changed the fav.ico many many months ago. When I added the shortcut to my desktop, it was still adding the old icon to my desktop. Then it would sometimes change to the general "e" icon without me doing anything except perhaps restarting my PC off occasionally.


Today, I noticed that the new icon that I added many moons ago replaced the "e" (which used to be another fav.ico). However, some other desktop shortcuts to other sites have reverted to the "e" rather than their fav.ico icon. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.


Can we only have one fav.ico icon on our desktops at a time? And what in the world changing them and why?


This is no critical issue or anything -- just an annoyance.

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There are several possibilities and fixes. Do you have TWEAKUI, this is a program by MS and can be downloaded from them. After you install it, run it and look for the REPAIR ICONS option.


Another possibility is the Shell icon cache could be corrupted. This is a hidden file under the Windows directory, once you delete it Windows will rebuild it when the computer is rebooted.


Or you can right-click on the desktop and choose PROPERTIES. In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Appearance tab. From the drop-down list, choose Icon. Click the up arrow in the size box to increase it by one pixel then click the down arrow in the size box to return the icons to their previous dimensions, click APPLY, then click OK.


See if one of these help.

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